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with Dena Blevins


Bright spirit, you're being called to live life in a new way.

There's an uneasy, restless desire growing inside of you, urging you to make a CHANGE. 

You dream of following your heart's desires and serving the world using your spiritual gifts, but you don't know where to begin to bring these dreams to life. 

You've spent years working for others while pushing your own dreams aside and you're ready to finally listen to the whispers of your soul.

Life is leading you down a new path, you can FEEL it, but you just wish you had someone to help you pave the way.

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Namaste beautiful soul, I'm Dena.

I'm a spiritual awakening mentor and divine purpose coach for rising lightworkers. I'm passionate about helping lightworkers, creatives and visionaries find their true calling in life so they can leave their uninspiring day jobs and create fulfilling, online businesses that support them.

You can feel it, there's something much bigger waiting out there for you. You're ready to make the changes you feel guided to make  and finally start living the life you keep daydreaming about.

I give you expert spiritual guidance to help you move through your transformation quickly and intentionally. I help you to leave the things behind that are no longer serving you, and allow the new, updated version of you to rise up and manifest.

Our world is currently undergoing a rapid transformation, and YOU are a part of it. Are you ready to answer the call and do whatever it is that LIFE is calling you to do?