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with Dena Blevins


Beautiful Soul, Your Time to Rise is Now. 

You have untapped power lying dormant within you, waiting for you to heal and set it free.

Now is the time for a re-balancing on this planet Earth,  of yin/yang, masculine/feminine, God/Goddess.

For too long now, we women have been suppressed, oppressed, de-sensitized and forced to live in a patriarchal society that has sucked away our souls. We've been harassed for our feminine qualities, judged and demonized for our intuitive gifts, taught to betray our own sisters and forced to live in ways that are not congruent to our natural cycles and rhythms.

Now, more than ever, women (like you) are waking up to your long lost powers, remembering ancient wisdom that's been tucked away in your ancestral roots, longing to bring back the part of you that has been missing for way too long. 

Even if you don't know exactly what you're looking for, you can feel that something BIG is missing, and you're ready to figure out what it is.

In my work, I help women to awaken their inherent feminine powers by tuning into the supportive, intuitive energies of nature and the MOON. Because the moon represents our feminine side, and mirrors our cyclical nature, it's the perfect tool to help you align your feminine energies, and become the empowered woman you desire and deserve to be!

When we learn to live in harmony with all that surrounds us, our lives become filled with growth, abundance, inspiration and purpose.



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Hi divine soul, I'm Dena.

I'm an empowerment coach for women ready to tap into their inner feminine power. They are OVER living life the old way (imposed societal rules, holding themselves back in order to please others and staying stagnant in their spiritual growth.) They are ready to #RISEUP, #SHINEBRIGHT, and blaze some trails!

I help them find their authentic  voice, create strong personal boundaries and live their highest potential by tapping into the mystical powers of nature and the moon.

I'm passionate about teaching women all over the world to sync their energy to nature and use the supportive Universal energies that are available to them, so they can create empowered, authentic lives that truly fulfill them, while learning how to truly SHOW UP and make their unique mark in this world.