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with Dena Blevins


Bright spirit, you're being called to live life in a new way.

There's an uneasy, restless desire growing inside of you, urging you to make a CHANGE. 

You dream of following your heart's desires and serving the world using your spiritual gifts, but you don't know where to begin to bring these dreams to life. 

You're tired of your day job, pushing papers and taking orders from bosses you don't agree with. You'd love to figure out a way to make a living helping others, so you can feel important and impactful (while still being able to pay the bills!)

You just wish you could figure out exactly what your gifts are and how you could use them to help others.

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Namaste beautiful soul, I'm Dena.

I'm a divine purpose coach for rising lightworkers and  soon-to-be world-changers like you.

I'm passionate about helping stuck, unfulfilled lightworkers like YOU find your divine Soulprint: your divine identity and life purpose, and can get clear on your unique, spiritual gifts, so you can use them to help others, live your passion and make a living doing what you love!

I help you figure out what you're here to do, create your first offering  and present it confidently to attract your ideal client, so you can become more visible, make an impact and fulfill your divine purpose!

Our world is currently undergoing a rapid transformation, and YOU are being called to step into your Soulprint and serve in your unique way.  

Are you ready to answer that call?