Hey Soul Sister, I’m Dena.

I'm a  spiritual coach to awakening lightworkers (like you!)

Part of my mission is to help orient those who feel lost, confused and disconnected on their spiritual journey.

Spiritual awakening is a crazy-confusing process, and it often times leave sensitive souls like us feeling tossed around like a tumbleweed in the breeze.

You may feel like your whole life is falling apart, losing everything you once thought made you, YOU.

This could be your best friends, your relationship, your job…..or ALL OF IT AT ONCE.

As everything you recognize falls away, you begin to wonder who the heck you really are and what its all for anyway.

The further and further you fall into the depths of your darkness, the more a new awareness slowly begins to build- a feeling that you’re missing something or there’s something else you’re supposed to be doing.

You wrack your brain trying to figure out what it is, but you only stress yourself out even more as the pressure inside your gut builds.

That’s where I come in- to shine the light through your dark tunnel, answering your deepest, darkest questions, orienting you and showing you the way forward.

I have a knack for seeing the potential in people~ I can see your soul~ and see the person you’re fully capable of becoming.

I’ve done the heavy lifting, the painful pulling, the navigating of many dark nights of the soul myself, and I know how to help you find your way forward too.

My mission is to help you figure out who the heck you really are and what you’re meant to do with this life.
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I’m so passionate about helping lightworker souls:

✔️ learn the truth of who you are on a soul level (your divine identity)

✔️ figure out what you’re here to do (life purpose)

✔️ integrate your spiritual side with your current life (like how to tell your hubby you think you might be a moon witch🤔 )

What does this actually LOOK LIKE?

🔮 Feeling like you’re actually making a difference in the world

🔮 Being happy and fulfilled in your relationships

🔮 Confidence in yourself and your capabilities

🔮Mental clarity & peace of mind

🔮FREEDOM in life

🔮High vibes, energy & vibrance

Are you ready to shed old skin and become the person you came here to be this lifetime?


I ‘m currently looking for a few courageous soul sisters who are ready to explore their spiritual gifts and transition into their next level Self.

The time for mundane & mediocre is over. Life is inviting you to step it up and FULFILL the life contract you came here to fill!

The world needs you healed and ready for positive action. There’s never gonna be another chance to help save our planet if it’s gone. The time is NOW. It’s time to take your place in the order of things.

Click the link below to set up a session to chat with me personally. You can ask me any question you want and learn more about the special opportunities I have to offer.

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A litlle more get-to-know me nuggets:

  • I secretly hope to one day become a full-on hippie beach bum. I’ll have my dream condo on the beach, where I can always kick back, write enlightening books and lead awesome beach retreats…

  • I’m a total introvert and I don’t feel complete without doing yoga/meditation/having lots of alone time to process my never ending stream of thoughts

  • I love animals and especially dogs. Because of my love for them (and many more reasons), I’m vegan.

  • I love being out in nature, especially the beach. Sand, sun and surf just call out to me…

  • I struggle hard with any sort of structure. Freedom is what my heart craves...

  • I strive hard to teach my two beautiful children to shine bright in the world and be confident in sharing their many gifts and talents.

When I am not coaching newbie lightworkers to step into their spiritual gifts, you can probably find me reading the latest self-help book, cuddling with my kiddos, dusting off my collection of crystals, flipping an oracle card or two,  making herbal mixtures in my apothecary,  and pondering life while sitting with my journal on my lap.