Hey Soul Sister, I’m Dena.

I'm a  women's empowerment coach, specializing in helping women fine-tune their inherent spiritual gifts using the magical support of nature and the moon.

I've been naturally intuitive and spiritual all my life, but I neglected my gifts for too long, because I was afraid of being judged, called weird or outcasted for not following societal rules. 

Trying to fit in never really did work for me though, and I always found myself on the outside of groups, looking in, wondering why I was made to be so different.

People used to call me Deep Dena, because I couldn't stand superficial-small talk, and always dove in to take the conversations to a much deeper level, often to the shock and dismay of others who weren't ready for it.

Over the past ten years, (I'm over forty now!!) I've stepped into my full authenticity. I discovered that I am a lightworker, a leader for women who are awakening to their own authenticity and spiritual gifts, and a sort of modern witch; a green witch, who loves working with crystals, natural herbs, essential oils, and other fun woo-y tools.

My mission is to help you reclaim your personal feminine power and create a magical life you love.

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How I got here:

I was born an old soul, and my nonconformist views were different than most others around me. I found comfort in all things metaphysical and always tried to see the higher perspective in life’s situations. I often shied away from others and loved reading books about the soul’s journey, angels, and any spiritual or self-help book I got my hands on.

I tried to fit into society’s molds but I never really did. I often wondered WTF is wrong with me??


I adored my family and was quite content for a short time, but soon after I noticed a change. I felt an inner discomfort growing inside me, slowly expanding, trying to get my attention. It was trying to get me to see that something was missing from my life but I didn’t want to see it. I kept pushing it down while smiling big for everyone around me.

Fear began to hold me hostage. I was afraid that if I stopped to examine this SCARY THING I was feeling, it would wreak havoc on my life. I could sense it was BIG.

Soon, I was no longer able to suppress my inner angst and it set off like a bomb in my life. It literally felt like pieces of my life just exploded everywhere and I had to pick them up and put them all back together again.

This period of my life is super hard for me to talk about. I call it my dark night of the soul. It involved me leaving my family for four months to figure myself out. Talk about some hard times, it was my ultimate rock bottom.  Through it all, I felt spirit guiding me and reassuring me that everything was gonna be okay.


I felt I had to remove all the things I identified with as me,
in order to find the real authentic me.


One epiphanic evening, I melted down, tears streaming down my face. I envisioned myself cracking open like a shell, and my brilliant soul radiating out from within. My past all the way up into the now flooded in my mind.

I felt heartbroken that I had never realized my true inner beauty for what it really was, but at the same time I felt ecstatic to finally feel this awe-inspiring resonance within me. I could no longer discern if my tears were of pain or of joy. Words cannot express how life altering this moment was for me.

Since then, I have been on a skyrocket toward a new way of living. 

I've tuned into who I truly am, honoring my natural passions of metaphysics, astrology and supporting women. I have learned to ditch patriarchal systems, leaving behind my medical profession to start my own spiritual biz, trusting my own inner compass and aligning to the powerful, magical and wise energies of nature and the moon.

Since doing this, my life has completely opened up, magnetizing wonderful women into my life, opportunities that inspire my soul and a spiritual path that fulfills me with purpose and passion.

I absolutely love teaching other women how to tune in and do the same, so they too, can feel what it feels like to experience magic and miracles while living authentically and showing the world who they came here to be. 

I am currently looking for courageous women who are ready to reclaim their power and co-create with the moon to build an authentic life you freaking LOVE.  If you feel called, I invite you to book a free consult with me. 

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A litlle more get-to-know me nuggets:

  • I secretly hope to one day become a full-on hippie beach bum. I even envision myself with long dreads!
  • I don’t feel complete without doing yoga/meditation/having lots of alone time
  • I love animals and especially dogs. Because of my love for them (and many more reasons), I am a vegan.
  • I love being out in nature, especially the beach. Sand, sun and surf just call out to me…
  • I struggle hard with any sort of structure. Freedom is what my heart craves...
  • I strive hard to teach my children to shine bright in the world and be confident in sharing their many gifts and talents.

When I am not leading groups and empowering women, you can probably find me reading the latest self-help book, cuddling with my kiddos, dusting off my collection of crystals, flipping an oracle card or two,  making herbal mixtures in my apothecary,  and pondering life while sitting with my journal on my lap.