Hey Soul Sister, I’m Dena.

I'm a  spiritual transformation coach, helping women who are ready to break through old barriers and embody new, empowered versions of themselves in regards to life purpose, relationships and their spiritual awakening journey.

I’ve been through some rocky roads in my life, from childhood trauma and emotional abuse, to toxic relationships and destructive patterns in my adulthood.

I’ve battled extreme anxiety and depression for many years from my life experiences and my own negative and limiting mindset.

I’ve also overcome (what I used to consider) many, many failures.

After many years of suffering, I realized that only I had the power to change my own mindset and do what it takes to re-claim my own inner power and that no one was going to magically make it all better for me.

I had to make BIG changes in the areas of my life where I was unfulfilled, unsatisfied and energetically depleted.

I was absolutely terrified, and it took me almost TEN YEARS to finally listen and follow where my intuitive guidance was trying to lead me.

I now know that I traveled the path I did for a higher purpose, and I was meant to use my experience and knowledge to help other women who feel terrified and stuck in their personal journeys as well.

My mission is to help you reclaim your personal power, healing all the old stories and patterns that have kept you from living a FULFILLING, expanded life.
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I’m so passionate about helping spiritual women —lightworkers, empaths & healer types— to step into their own power and:

✔️ blast away limiting mindsets

✔️ heal long-time patterns

✔️ pave the way to new, authentic & empowering lives that fulfill them

What does this actually LOOK LIKE?

🌈 Living with passion & purpose

🌈 Attracting new, conscious, loving relationships

🌈 Confidence in yourself and your capabilities

🌈 Mental clarity & peace of mind

🌈 Flow & direction in your spiritual journey

Are you ready to break through your barriers and experience what it feels like to live an empowered and authentic life?


I ‘m currently looking for courageous women who are ready to TRANSFORM into their next level Self.

You might be terrified to make certain changes, but you KNOW it’s time to take the leap.

I want you to know, if I can do it, YOU can do it. I will support you every step of the way and make sure you get safely to the other side of your shore. 🌊

Transformation isn’t for the faint of heart, but if you’re ready to experience your big breakthrough, click the link below.

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A litlle more get-to-know me nuggets:

  • I secretly hope to one day become a full-on hippie beach bum. I even envision myself with long dreads!

  • I don’t feel complete without doing yoga/meditation/having lots of alone time

  • I love animals and especially dogs. Because of my love for them (and many more reasons), I am a vegan.

  • I love being out in nature, especially the beach. Sand, sun and surf just call out to me…

  • I struggle hard with any sort of structure. Freedom is what my heart craves...

  • I strive hard to teach my children to shine bright in the world and be confident in sharing their many gifts and talents.

When I am not leading groups and empowering women, you can probably find me reading the latest self-help book, cuddling with my kiddos, dusting off my collection of crystals, flipping an oracle card or two,  making herbal mixtures in my apothecary,  and pondering life while sitting with my journal on my lap.