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Hi there, I’m Dena.

I’m a spiritual coach to awakening lightworkers like you.

It’s my passion and divine purpose to help awakening lightworkers align to their unique missions so they can get busy doing what it is they came here to do in this life. 

I believe we all have unique skills and talents that we are meant to share with the world.

I also believe that lightworkers are here on global missions and that sometimes they get tripped up in the process of realizing this.

You see, your mission is BIG. It’s GLOBAL! And that can be scary. Sometimes it feels safer to hide out and pretend that you’re small so you don’t scare others with your bright light.

This doesn’t work though, does it? That inner gnawing eats away at you.

Your anxiety and restlessness grows.

Well, it’s time for you to break out of your shell and fly earth angel!

It will feel so good once you do it, I promise!

You might be thinking: Am I really a lightworker? (Take the test here to find out)

If you’ve landed here, then most likely you’re here because you ARE a lightworker.

Just imagine the freedom and fulfillment you will feel once you are aligned to your purpose. It’s such an awe-inspiring feeling!

My mission is to help you dry your wings and prepare to SOAR my soul sister. 

Meet Dena Blevins

How I got here:

I grew up being the shy observer, an INFP.  I always felt like a wounded soul, like I was a stranger dropped into a strange land. I didn’t understand how people could be so mean and so superficial. I was extremely sensitive and an empath, which caused me immense emotional pain.

I’ve been a spiritual girl all my life, and my views were different than most others around me. I found comfort in all things metaphysical and always tried to see the higher perspective in life’s situations. I was always reading books about the soul’s journey and angels, and any spiritual or self-help book I got my hands on.

I tried to fit into society’s molds but I never really did. I often wondered WTF is wrong with me??


I adored my family and was quite content for a short time, but soon after I noticed a change. I felt an inner discomfort growing inside me, slowly expanding, trying to get my attention. It was trying to get me to see that something was missing from my life but I didn’t want to see it. I kept pushing it down while smiling big for everyone around me.

Fear began to hold me hostage. I was afraid that if I stopped to examine this SCARY THING I was feeling, it would wreak havoc on my life. I could sense it was BIG.

Soon, I was no longer able to suppress my inner angst and it set off like a bomb in my life. It literally felt like pieces of my life just exploded everywhere and I had to pick them up and put them all back together again.

This period of my life is super hard for me to talk about. I call it my dark night of the soul. It involved me leaving my family for four months to figure myself out. Talk about some hard times, I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.  Through it all, I felt spirit guiding me and reassuring me that everything was gonna be okay.


I felt I had to remove all the things I identified with as me,
in order to find the real authentic me.


One epiphanic evening, I melted down, tears streaming down my face. I envisioned myself cracking open like a shell, and my brilliant soul radiating out from within. My past all the way up into the now flooded in my mind.

I felt heartbroken that I had never realized my true inner beauty for what it really was, but at the same time I felt ecstatic to finally feel this awe-inspiring resonance within me. I could no longer discern if my tears were of pain or of joy. Words cannot express how life altering this moment was for me.

Since then, I have been on a skyrocket toward a new way of living. I am in full acceptance of my lightworker lineage and my divine mission.  It has led me to create a business where I can teach, heal and mentor others who are in the same seeking/discovery stage as I was.  

I’m so passionate about helping other lightworkers awaken to their divine identity and to align fully to their life purpose allowing them to live a life of complete fulfillment.

I know how hard and painful it is to live a life of disconnection and unfulfillment. Trust me, I have been there.

You are not meant to live in hiding while playing small. You are meant to shine BIG!

I want you to realize your soul mission. I want you to trust and be confident in what you are here to do. I want to fill in the missing pieces for you and I want your presence in my community of lightworkers on a mission!

Lightworker, my new soul friend, you can finally rest in the knowing that you belong here. <3

I anxiously await connecting with you and guiding you along your path!

I am currently looking for a handful of lightworkers who feel ready to step forward and fulfill their missions. If you feel called, I invite you to apply to receive a free consult with me. 

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A little more get-to-know-me nuggets:

  • I secretly hope to one day become a full-on hippie beach bum. I even envision myself with long dreads!
  • I don’t feel complete without doing yoga/meditation/having lots of alone time
  • I love animals and especially dogs. Because of my love for them (and many more reasons), I am a vegan.
  • I love being out in nature, especially the beach. Sand, sun and surf just call out to me…
  • I love to paddleboard and my husband and I own our own boards which we take out to the intercoastal. (The kiddos ride our boards with us!)
  • I am currently writing a book entitled Shy Girl Speaks, in which I share my life lessons.
  • I strive hard to teach my children to shine bright in the world and be confident in sharing their many gifts and talents.

When I am not coaching + guiding awakening lightworkers, you can probably find me reading the latest self-help book, cuddling with my kiddos, dusting off my collection of crystals, flipping an angel card or two,  trying out a new arm balance pose,  and pondering life while sitting with my journal on my lap.


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