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  • 11 signs you're a lightworker, so you can really know FOR SURE
  • what it means to be a lightworker and how your life will be affected
  • all about the different categories, realms and soul groups of lightworkers
  • lightworker missions and how to identify yours
  • how to be of service + ideas of what you can do 
  • what your next steps are 

+ more!

It took me years of self-discovery and research to put all the pieces of the puzzle together in my own lightworker journey and now I've gathered what I've learned, putting it onto an easy-to-digest book that YOU can benefit from.

If you've been feeling somewhat lost and confused, like you're being guided to participate in something bigger than you, then this book will help you make sense of it all. As you read through this book, the pieces of your own puzzle will begin to fall into place as you reconnect and remember your divine identity and purpose.

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