Spiritual Healing for Sensitive Souls with Purpose

You’ve been stuck in this funk for way too long now. You used to be the positive girl, always looking at the bright side of life, but these days you’re really struggling to see the glass half full. You can talk all day about all kinds of spiritual concepts, but you just can’t figure out how to walk your talk!


You just don’t feel confident enough to step into your soul’s purpose. You’re discouraged by the fact that your spiritual gifts aren’t being put to good use. You desperately want to use them to help people, but you wonder how you can help them if you can’t even help yourself.


You’re burned out from putting everyone else’s needs before your own and from doing things you’d rather not be doing. You feel like you’re just wasting your time every day and never getting closer to your soul’s desires. You want to learn to put your needs first and finally begin to feel good in life.


You’re ready to face the uncharted territory you sense is just around the bend. You feel you’ve been led here for a reason and you’re willing to surrender and let go of the old in order to discover the new. You know life has amazing things in store for you once bust through these barriers.


You’re ready to embark upon your healing journey and get closer to fulfilling your soul’s purpose. You know you have gifts to share and lives to touch.  You’re ready to overcome anything blocking you from following the path your intuition has been guiding you toward.


You’re excited to learn how to balance your energy so you can become that shining light to others. You’re ready and willing to do the inner work it takes to let go of the life that drains you and step into a life you love. You can’t wait to discover what lies ahead for you once you finally clear the pathway to your amazing life!


Feeling lost on your path?-5.png


Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You wake up already anxious, dragging yourself out of bed to face another joyless day

  • You drive by your old yoga studio and can barely remember what down dog even looks like

  • You're tired of being judged and unsupported by your own family (you're SO the black sheep)

  • You fake smile for others when you really feel like breaking down

  • You lay in bed at night desperately trying to visualize your dreams into reality (hurrrry uuuup!)





Let me Help...

I coach sensitive souls and wounded healers like you who have a growing inner urge to fulfill a higher calling. You want to use your spiritual gifts to help others but you feel like you’re in need of healing first. I help you feel your best and find your divine purpose in life.








As a result of this coaching program, you will…


  • Begin each new day feeling refreshed and inspired to take steps toward your soul’s calling

  • Know exactly what to do to bring back that namaste feeling

  • Learn THE SECRET to finding your purpose

  • Flash genuine smiles to others as a result of the newfound harmony you feel inside

  • Lay in bed at night feeling gratitude as you feel closer to your dreams than ever before


spiritual healing for sensitive souls with purpose includes:


Pre-Session Deep Dive:

Before our session, I'll send you over some pre-work to get the healing energy flowing. This will come in the form of an online questionnaire and will help me get a good sense of your energy and what needs to be cleared. From your answers, I'll create the perfect healing session for you according to your specific needs. You'll notice right away that a weight is already being lifted...


Spiritual Healing Soul Session:

During this 90 minute session, I’ll take you through a journey of clearing and restoring your energetic flow. This will be a powerful combination of light frequency re-modulation, soul retrieval and intuitive coaching to blast through any blocks that are holding you back. From an expanded energetic state, you will gain new ideas and inspiration that will propel you forward on your journey. I’ll help you to anchor in this new energetic state so it becomes your new normal.


Your Personal Energy Balancing Toolbox:

Following your session, I’ll email you your personal energy healing toolbox to ensure you continue your healing process each day, streamlining the pathway to living your purpose.  


Your toolbox will include a combination of:

  • Dena's Morning Energy Shielding Meditation
  • Finding Your Voice Meditation

  • 21 Ways to Raise Your Vibration Checklist

  • Your Zen Zone Tracker Chart

  • How to Cut Etheric Cords In 4 Easy Steps

  • Mindset Mantras to Memorize

  • Manifestation Magnet Statements

  • Creating Your Sacred Space Video

  • Dena's Evening Release and Restore Meditation


This will come in an easy-to-follow, downloadable file that will assist you in keeping your vibration high.


The Keep It Up Check-Up:

Two weeks following your session you will receive a 30 min check-up call from me. I’ll conduct a brief energy healing tune-up, helping to seal in your new, higher vibration and preventing you from slipping back into old patterns. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask me any questions you might have.

Allow yourself to finally receive the self-care and healing you have been craving. Let me assist you in getting back feeling like your balanced, positive self so you can feel inspired to get out there and do your soul’s work.


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Step 3. Then we’ll hold your sessions and get your energy shining bright again so you can step into your soul’s calling.


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