Hey powerful woman, are you ready to sync your vibe to the rhythm of the moon?

Maybe you don't feel quite so powerful yet, and that's perfectly okay, but I have felt the beautiful soul of each woman I have worked with, and I can promise you she's in there!

I know you've been through some rough stuff and it's not your fault you've lost your power, (but IT IS up to you to get it back.)

We women, have taken the brunt of the man-dominating corporate world and soul-sucking societal rules and now is the time to come out from the heaviness of this dissonant way of life to truly set our hearts and souls FREE. 

You can do this soul sister, and I'm here to guide you along your path, encouraging you to keep walking forward as you courageously expand back into your authentic self.

I'm here to teach you about all the amazing parts of you that are tucked away, waiting to be set free.

These previously hidden parts of you  contain your ability to connect to Higher Power in a way that brings you undeniable spiritual guidance, unconditional love and support, and a complete sense of purpose and belonging in the world.  

They also contain your crystal clear & empowered voice, intentionally chosen heartfelt words and powerfully aligned actions that will shift your life into a life you never believed you could have. 

You've never had a life like this, because you never even considered that fact that you could.

But you CAN.

And I'm going to teach you how.

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Hi there, I'm Dena

I grew up a painfully shy girl, often curiously observing the actions of others, wondering what made them act the way they did. I always felt like an outsider, different from most others, never truly fitting in. I felt like I was born disempowered, although I had no idea what that meant at the time. I was intimidated by almost everyone, except a handful of my trusted chosen few.

I was an "untrained empath," and super sensitive, so I fell victim to the abuses of many growing up. I had overpowering friends, I was taken advantage of by countless boys and I was verbally and emotionally abused by mean girls.

The list goes on, but now I know that my life path has led me to have these experiences for a reason. As I have gone through these painful occurrences, I have learned how to instill and enforce personal boundaries, speak my truth even when my voice shakes, and bounce back even stronger.

 I have done eye-opening research, navigated through my inner darkness and worked with numerous coaches and counselors learning  how to re-claim my personal power along the way.  Along with my newfound sense of power, came a strong sense of purpose.

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Now, it's my passion to help other women who are struggling to overcome personal challenges such as:

  • going through a spiritual awakening
  • struggling to find your true life purpose
  • navigating a painful divorce/break-up
  • leaving a toxic relationship
  • stepping into a higher level of self (upleveling)

I love helping women (like you) find your inner strength and re-expand back into your authentic self. I help you re-connect with your feminine power and create harmony in your life using unique MOON ALIGNMENT techniques.

I've always considered myself a moon child, and my connection to nature and the moon have greatly impacted my journey. I'm totally  into everything WOO and I love incorporating the mystical into my work. 

I truly believe in magic and I sprinkle a little (or a lot) of magic in everything I do! Magic makes me happy and helps me to connect with this Earth I live upon and live in harmony with everything around me. 

I would love to help you learn do the same, so you can finally take control of your life and experience true fulfillment and joy.



 Mystic Moon Mentoring

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What exactly is Moon Mentoring?

Moon mentoring is my unique method of teaching women to align their body, mind & soul with each phase of the moon, so they can cultivate more joy, peace, health and purpose in their lives. Woman are lunar by nature, and when they are out- of-sync with their natural rhythms, dis-ease and hardship can occur.

When you align your feminine energy to the moon, the way it’s meant to be, you naturally fall into flow with Life, allowing you more ease & grace through life’s challenges.

My goal with moon mentoring is to teach women how to return to the sacredness of nature's cycles and their own feminine power. We have been disconnected from this magical support  for too long and too many women have been suffering as a result. We have reached a time on our Earth for the return of the divine feminine and it is part of my mission to guide the way for the women who feel ready to step forward.

Our feminine bodies were built to mirror the 29-day cycle of the moon, ebbing and flowing emotionally, creatively and intuitively.

We were never meant to live in the patriarchal, man-designed system that we have been forced to live in today. This was all created to take away our power, silence our voices, make us turn against our own sisters and forget about our magic.

It's time to turn this ship around.

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"With my unique style of moon mentoring,

 I'll teach you how to sync your energy up to the moon and use it's magic to create an authentic life of your choosing."

Sounds interesting, so what exactly will we do in a session?

During our sessions, we'll do things like:

  • assess your current rhythms, letting go of what isn't working, allowing the moon phases to guide you into a new, healthy flow
  • evaluate your inner self-talk, ditching the inner mean girl dialogue that's keeping you small, while creating new beliefs that will actually serve you
  • come up with fun rituals using MOON MAGIC to infuse divine power into your intentions
  • talk about which crystals, herbs & oils will best assist in your manifesting
  • celebrate your successes & release with the full moon
  • set intentions and manifest with the new moon
  • take guided & inspired action with the waxing moon
  • create space to introspective & intuitive with the waning moon
  • flip some oracle cards to gain even more clarity

We'll do this together for two entire moon cycles, so you can really get the hang of it and begin to incorporate this powerful new way of life. 

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Moon Mentoring is for you if you feel:

~trapped in a box of an outdated version of you

~disconnected from the magic of life

~alone in your spiritual journey

~ready for your big breakthrough

~intuitively drawn to working with the moon

~disempowered and stuck

~ready to reclaim your divine feminine power

~in need of a guide for support & accountability


So, what exactly do I get?

Here's what you'll get:

Moon alignment Mentoring

  • 1:1 mentoring for 2 complete cycles of the moon (approximately 8 weeks)

  • up to (8) 50 minute live video chats with Dena

  • session notes and the video recording after each call

  • guidance on moon alignment & getting in-sync with nature, so you can overcome life's challenges with more support and ease

  • my personal recommendations on the perfect crystals, oils & herbs to soothe your current emotions & add power to your intentions

  • weekly moon alignment email guidance including journal prompts to deepen your experience

  • tips on aligning your body's cycle to the moon, for optimum mind, body & soul health

  • support and accountability on overcoming your personal challenges and transformations

Oracle Readings & email support

  • one full spread oracle card reading from me using my Magical Dimensions Deck (by email)

  • my detailed read of the layout for deep, spiritual guidance for this time in your journey

  • photos of the spread

  • email support to answer any extra questions throughout the entire journey

Powerful intentions, rituals and blessings created just for you!

  • guidance on how to set powerful intentions in a way that actually works to magnetize your desires

  • a beautifully designed step-by-step ritual, E-book style, for releasing with the full moon, personalized for you (sent by email)

  • a beautifully designed step-by-step ritual, E-book style, for manifesting with the new moon, personalized for you (sent by email)

  • easy-to-follow 'moon magic crafts/spells' created just for you for each moon ritual

  • divinely-inspired blessings/invocations personalized just-for-you, that you can use in your moon rituals (sent by email)


What's the investment?

I am currently offering this 2 lunar cycle mentorship for an exclusive introductory rate. Space is limited. If you feel called to participate in Mystic Moon Mentoring, please fill out the application below and we'll get back to you asap!