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Serve the world with your spiritual gifts.

You just know it, there’s a better life waiting out there for you. You’re meant for so much more than the mediocre life you’ve been stuck in for so long now. Your day job feels so meaningless and each day drags by as you check the time every 15 minutes.

It all feels so pointless, like you're not even contributing to anything important in the world. You're tired of pushing papers and taking orders from bosses you  don’t agree with. You just wish you knew how to make your life feel more meaningful.

For quite awhile now, you've felt an inner calling to help the world in some way and you feel like you’re being nudged to wake up and get moving along this new path. You’ve been so antsy lately, like something needs to change, something that will shift your life in a big way. If you could just figure out how to make it happen…

As much as you’ve been hoping and dreaming of your big break though, nothing really seems to be happening for you. Each day keeps passing by and you’re still carrying around this anxious feeling like you need to get out there and be of service in some way.

When you think about it, you've always been your own spiritual guru, naturally teaching others the enlightening discoveries you pick up along your journey.

You'd love to figure out a way to make a living helping others, so you can feel important and impactful (while still being able to pay the bills!)   

You daydream of the freedom to be your own boss and the fulfillment of helping others while making a difference in the world. You’re secretly envious of others who you've seen chasing their dreams and making things happen and you're ready to make it happen for YOU.

You just wish you could just figure out exactly what your spiritual gifts are and how you could use them to help others.

You need a vision.

You need a plan.

You need a coach!

What if there was someone out there who could help you tap into your natural gifts, figure out how to use them to help others, help you create your first product AND help you gain the confidence you need to succeed, so you can finally set your soul free and BE the impactful lightworker you feel drawn to be??

Well, guess what?

You’ve found your girl!

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Hi, I'm Dena 

I'm a divine purpose coach for rising lightworkers and soon-to-be world-changers like you. 

I'm passionate about helping stuck, unfulfilled lightworkers find their true calling in life, so they can  and create purposeful lives that fulfill them!

Right now, in our world, so many lightworkers are beginning to make the transition into new paradigm living. What does this mean exactly? 

It means your soul is ready to live its highest creative potential in this physical plane. 

It means you are being called to be who you truly are at a soul level in this world and it's time to let go of anything that does not serve this calling you have inside of you.

I assure you, you have very unique gifts inside of you that  are ready to be uncovered and shared in the world and you're meant to receive the blessings life has in store for you in return.

I have been through this whole confusing yet exciting experience myself, and I know just how nerve-wracking it can be. I spent years living in this confusion, consumed with anxiety and having it affect me and my family daily. I know how it feels to live with this increasing inner discomfort and to not know how to ease the pain!

Literally, I spent 5 years and thousands of dollars on courses, programs, more courses and programs, learning the ins and outs of online business, but in the end, I STILL didn’t know what I was here to freaking DO. I wasn’t confident in my gifts, I didn’t have a clear vision and I surely didn’t know how the heck I was going to TRANSFORM PEOPLE’S LIVES.

There were key elements that were missing and therefore my “business” was suffering. I had to face the harsh reality that everything I had done up to that point, I had all done completely BACKWARDS.

So, what did I do? I started over. I hired a top-dollar AMAZING one-on-one coach and I went back to the basics. I got crystal clear on my mission and message. I tackled my suffocating fear & self-doubt and kicked my anxiety & depression to the curb.

Now it’s my turn to serve YOU.

How about I save you the years of digging, mistake-making, the endless questioning, piles of money spent, the starting all over and the figuring it out all alone?

What if I told you I have the perfect, put-together package that that would help you figure it all out and put together a life and business you love?

Well, listen up lightworker…


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A 3 month transformative journey

To help you:

 Discover Your Unique Soulprint™️ 

 Craft Your Crystal Clear Message & Offering

Serve with Courage & Confidence


During our 3 months together, we’ll cover 3 core elements:

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In phase 1 of the program you'll discover your unique soulprint; your divine identity and true purpose for incarnating in this life, so you can jumpstart your life with meaning and direction. We'll uncover  your spiritual gifts and natural talents and get an idea of the benefits your clients will receive when they work with you, so you can deeply understand  your value, worth and the need of the world for what you have.



During phase 2, we'll go deeper and begin to extract a vision for how you'll serve the world with the gifts and talents you've uncovered, so you can figure out ways to make money that deeply fulfill you. We'll get clear on the transformation you'll provide, come up with your first offering  and learn to  clearly describe your offering in your copy, so you can attract your soulmate clients.



Phase 3 will teach you to conquer limiting beliefs related to fear, lack of self-worth and self-doubt, gain the  courage to become visible online and convey your crystal-clear message with conviction, so you can show up confidently, serve your future tribe effectively and get paid to do what you love!



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Who is this program for?


spiritual coaches


energy healers



spiritual teachers

**any other spiritual modality who desires to be of service to humanity and the world by sharing their spiritual gifts and serving their life purpose through an online spiritual business**

By the end of our time together you'll:

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  • have discovered your soulprint , your unique spiritual gifts and the message you're here to share, so you can feel motivated and inspired to serve
  • be clear on the transformation you provide your tribe, so you can write content that speaks to them and attract soulmate clients that will love to work with you

  • have created a solid offering you feel proud of, so you can make money in a way that truly fulfills you

  • be able speak confidently about what you do so you can become visible online and your dream clients can easily find you

  • feel courageous, confident and unstoppable as you begin to truly SHOW UP as the impactful lightworker you were born to be


When you commit to work 1:1 with me, here's exactly what you'll get:



  • (10) 1-hour long video coaching sessions which will be recorded and sent to you after the session

  • Voxer support Monday-Friday for daily, supportive chats and unlimited answers to your most pressing questions

  • me as your new, spiritual BFF to support you, guide you and cheer you on every step of the way

  • access to all of my workshops and courses I've created and will create throughout the duration of our journey together

  • session notes and weekly action steps given by me to help you move forward quickly

  • a personal plan for your first product or service you can serve your future tribe (we'll map out the idea and structure of your offering together in a shared document)

  • accountability and expert guidance

  • confidence in your purpose, your vision for service and your ability to bring it all to life!


Your investment

The investment for this 3 month 1:1 life-changing coaching program is $3600.  

(payment plans are available if needed)

I have poured my heart and soul into the creation of this transformative program and if you become my private client, your success and embodiment of your Soulprint™️ will become my top priority.

It would be my honor to assist you in creating your abundant, purposeful life by serving the world with your beautiful gifts.

I look forward to working with you.




It's time to rise up and start creating your fulfilling life of impact & purpose!

Now, take that first step and complete your application by clicking the link below.