Bright spirit, you're being called to live life in a new way.


You dream of following your heart's desires and serving the world using your spiritual gifts, but you don't know where to begin to bring these dreams to life. 

You've spent years working for others while pushing your own dreams aside and you're ready to finally listen to the whispers of your soul.

Life is leading you down a new path, you can FEEL it, but you just wish you had someone to help you pave the way.

Here you will find offerings to assist you on your journey toward living your authentic life and divine purpose. Take a look and check back often, as new products are continually added to the shelves!


1:1 coaching with Dena


Discover your next steps: intuitive


Need some intuitive guidance on overcoming a specific block? Allow Dena to help you gain clarity on the next actionable steps on your journey so you can get UN-STUCK and in the flow again.

Dena uses intuitive coaching and powerful energy healing techniques to help you blast through blocks so you can see your next steps.

Book a single session for clarity and breakthroughs. Packages are available upon request and are strongly recommended. Book a free consult below to discuss which package Dena recommends for you.

50 minute session - $125


Discover Your 

divine purpose 

8 week coaching intensive

You have a grand purpose for being here, lightworker and that's why you are here searching for more. The world is going through a massive transformation and YOU are a part of it. 

Feeling the calling to be of service but a little lost as to what you're supposed to do?

A little disoriented from coming out of your dark night of the soul? 

Allow Dena to help give you the guidance you're seeking and  uncover divine purpose . You'll leave with the clarity, confidence and direction to bring your lightworker mission into the world!


Journey THrough Awakening

Do think you might be having a spiritual awakening? Although it sounds like an exciting time, spiritual awakenings can shake you to your core. They can cause you to face rock bottom and leave you lost and utterly confused. 

Allow Dena to be your spiritual BFF through your challenging time. Having already navigated through three awakenings herself, Dena will supportively guide through through yours with grace and ease.  


Healing Products


Energy Balancing TOolbox


This Energy Balancing Toolbox is a great addition to your daily sacred practice.

Included in your toolbox:

  • Dena's Morning Energy Shielding meditation
  • Finding Your Voice meditation
  • 21 Ways to Raise Your Vibration checklist
  • Zen Zone Tracker Chart
  • How to Cut Etheric Cords in 4 Easy Steps
  • Manifestation Magnet Statements
  • Creating Your Sacred Space video
  • Dena's Evening Release and Restore meditation 

*After purchase you will be given a direct download link for immediate access to each of these healing products.

Group Programs & WOrkshops


manifest devine magic:
A 5 week Journey


Coming Soon

A group course helping you to spark the divinity within so you can manifest divine magic and miracles in your life.


Light Up Your Dark Dark Night Of The Soul

Many lightworkers go through challenging times right before a major spiritual breakthrough. Have you been feeling super off- course lately? Do things seem to be falling apart like crazy in your life? 

In this 3-part video series workshop you'll get to the bottom of all of this so you can finally experience your spiritual breakthrough.