Hey gorgeous soul!


You just can't shake the feeling can you? You're here for a great purpose. Deep down, you know you're here to fulfill a calling, but you just can't seem to pinpoint what it is.  The pressure inside you is building and you feel you just might EXPODE if you don't figure it out soon.


You feel lost on your journey and confused over which path to take. You're stuck and you can't find your way forward, but you're certain you can't stay on your hindering hamster wheel much longer. The internal struggle you feel is wearing you down and you're getting worried you'll never find the answers your soul is seeking. 


You know you want to help others by using your spiritual gifts, but you're lacking the clarity and confidence to start taking those first steps. Fear and self-doubt seem to hold you hostage, but the pressure you feel inside keeps urging you to push though.


You’re ready to face the uncharted territory you sense is just around the bend. You know you’ve been led here for a reason and you’re willing to surrender and let go of the old in order to discover the new. You can sense that  life has amazing things in store for you once you break through your barriers.


You're ready to listen up, figure it out and get going on this grand mission you feel called to do. You know you have gifts to share and lives to touch, (even if the details are still unclear).  You’re ready to overcome anything blocking the path your intuition has been guiding you toward.


You’re excited to finally to fulfill your vision and become a shining light to others. You’re ready and willing to do the inner work, replacing what is no longer serving you with inspiration, abundance and joy. You can’t wait to discover what lies ahead for you once you finally clear the pathway to your purposeful life!


Are you ready to receive the guidance and support you need so you can stop searching, find the answers and finally do what you came here to do?

If so, read on!



Discover Your Divine Purpose

an 3 month adventure toward clarity, confidence + breakthrough

Are you ready to go on an adventure with me to gain the clarity you're seeking in your life and biz?

In this coaching program, you'll learn my signature system to help you connect deeply to your inner compass and finally figure out what you're here to do.  You'll learn how to step into your natural flow effortlessly, so you can finally move forward and live the life you're meant to live.

With me as your guide and support, you'll be able to accelerate your spiritual growth, moving into your authentic role at the perfect speed for your advancement. 

You'll go from feeling overwhelmed, lost and totally stuck to feeling in-the-flow and ready to move your lightworker mission forward into the world!

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Discover Your Divine Purpose

an intensive 1:1 coaching course


This course is for you if:

  • You're feeling completely lost on your path right now, wondering what the heck you're supposed to be doing with this life.
  • You know you are being called to step forward and be of service to the world in some way, but you're just not sure how exactly.
  • You know you're here to help spread light and heal others.
  • You know you have spiritual gifts to share, even if they may be a little dusty...
  • You've been searching and getting  discouraged because you just haven't been able to find out what your calling is.
  • You feel that something is blocking your breakthrough and you're practically desperate for help in moving past this.
  • You're ready to finally figure out the steps to finding and fulfilling your purpose & passion.
  •  You're ready to realize your true potential, living the best version of you

What you'll get: 

This course includes:

  • 9 fifty minute laser coaching calls with Dena (3 calls per month over a three month period)
  • recording of each call so you can listen again and again and gain deeper understanding
  • sessions notes, including Dena's recommendations and action steps emailed straight to your inbox
  • FB messenger access to Dena for any (can't wait) questions you may have
  • a sacred container for the manifestation of your divine purpose to be born!
  • The relief and satisfaction of finally knowing and following your soul's purpose & passion!


Dena has opened the door to new avenues for my business and life purpose to expand. She is a patient and thorough teacher and guide with a wealth of spiritual and practical business info. I couldn’t ask for a better fit as a lightworker for a spiritual coach and guide!
— Catherine Heymsfeld, LCSW

Dena's Personal Energy Balancing Toolbox


This toolbox will ensure you keep your sacred momentum, streamlining the pathway to living your purpose. 

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Dena's Morning Energy Shielding Meditation

Dena's Chakra Balance Meditation

Finding Your Voice Meditation

21 Ways to Raise Your Vibration Checklist

Your Zen Zone Tracker Chart

Energetic Entanglements & Etheric Cords: What You Need to Know

How to Cut Etheric Cords In 4 Easy Steps

Psychic Attack Clearing Video + pdf

How to Shift Limiting Beliefs for Good pdf

How to Neutralize Emotional Triggers Worksheet

Affirmations to Assist Your Journey

Manifestation Magnets 

Creating Your Sacred Space Video

Dena's Evening Release and Restore Meditation



I was in such a low and confused place in my life when I met Dena. I knew I needed to make changes, but I just didn’t know where to start. With Dena’s guidance, I was able to take steps forward and make the necessary changes to align to my true purpose. I am now more confident with where I am headed and I feel more ME than ever before. Thank you Dena.
— Jennifer Packer, spiritual coach & Reiki healer

Imagine the freedom...

You have found your flow and no longer feel stuck and stagnant

You feel confident and ready to move your lightworker mission forward into the world

You’ve identified and transmuted the exact blocks that have held you back for years

 You’ve created a massive amount of new space to allow in your heart’s desires

You see your intentions manifesting quickly and effortlessly

You basking in the glory of divine self-love and spiritual purpose in your life

You waking up every morning feeling grateful for your life and for what you are creating

 You enjoying peace, joy and reverence for your new aligned and authentic life


Your Investment

$2500 (full payment saves you $100)


2 payments of $1300


Discover Your Divine Purpose

1:1 intensive: accepting new clients now


Working with Dena has truly changed my life for the better. She has a gentle way of asking just the right questions to help me see and think about things that I always avoided before. She has helped me to face my fears and courageously go after the life I was here to live. I have now given myself permission to leave my corporate job of 15 years to focus solely on building my healing business. I don’t believe I would have done this without her guidance!
— Amy Stephenson, women’s empowerment coach