Chakra Healing and mini reading  


As empaths, lightworkers can easily get unbalanced energies that cause them to feel ungrounded, scattered, anxious and off track from their purpose. 

Allow Dena to take you on a spiritual journey to cleanse and activate each of your chakras so you can get back to feeling good.

During the last 15 minutes, Dena will give you guidance or any insights/impressions she picked up during your session.

45 minute session


Healing Chambers of Light/Soul Retrieval   


This powerful session consists of two parts. 

In the first part,  we will strengthen your energy field, activate your DNA and release false beliefs/judgments  using portals of light brought in by high dimensional light beings.  

For part two, we will re-connect any soul fragments that have been left behind due to  trauma or a painful past with the assistance of the Archangels and their divine feminine counterparts. 

Your soul fragments will be re-integrated, allowing you to feel more whole, balanced and complete in your present life. 

90 minute session


Light Dimensions & Light Geometry Attunements  


Are you ready to experience an upgrade of your energy body? You are a multi-dimensional being who may have obtained higher levels of being in other dimensions. Anchor in all aspects of self while connecting to the new Earth Templates of Light in this session.

In this session you will receive 7 light dimensional attunements that will help you to experience a deeper sense of the various dimensions of light that are available at this time. The Geometry attunements are a higher level attunement and will activate the geometries around you in the to New Earth Template frequencies. 

Be ready to see life from a new, higher perspective and to make major shifts, more rapidly in your life.

 1 hour session

Activation of the Crystalline Sun DNA Templates  


*This session should be done after completing the Light Dimensions & Light Geometries Attunements*

The Earth has finished her ascension into the 5th dimension into the Golden Age of Light and now there are new crystalline templates available for humanity to move into.

Activate your own crystalline 5th dimensional DNA (all 12 strands) and accelerate your shift into the 5th dimension.

This session will take you into a deep alignment with the Cosmic Heart of All Creation, allowing you to experience your life as the powerful and spiritually gifted lightworker you came here to be.

1 hour session

Spiritual coaching sessions with Dena  



Need some spiritual advice or help overcoming a specific block? Allow Dena to pinpoint the exact limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck and preventing you from aligning to your lightworker mission.

Dena uses intuitive coaching and powerful energy healing techniques to help you blast through blocks and connect to your divine blueprint.

Book a single session for clarity and breakthroughs. Discounted packages are available upon request.

50 minute sessions

15 minute complimentary consultation with Dena

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