Discover your next steps. 


Need some spiritual advice or help overcoming a specific block? Allow Dena to help you gain clarity on the next actionable steps on your journey so you can get UN-STUCK and in the flow again.

Dena uses intuitive coaching and powerful energy healing techniques to help you blast through blocks and connect to your divine blueprint.

Book a single session for clarity and breakthroughs. Packages are available upon request and are strongly recommended. Book a free consult below to discuss which package Dena recommends for you.

50 minute session - $125


Discover Your 

divine purpose 

8 week 1:1 coaching intensive

Feeling the calling to be of service but have no clue as to what you should be doing?

Are you OVER working 9-5 week after week, year after year at a job that is slowly killing your soul?

Learn Dena's tried and true signature system to uncovering your unique skills and talents . You'll leave with the clarity, confidence and faith to birth your lightworker mission into the world!