1:1 coaching with Dena


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Hop on a quick call with Dena to get your questions answered. Discover the many benefits of moon alignment and how Mystic Moon Mentoring can help you move through transformation with ease, grace and flow.

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15 minute session - free


Mystic Moon mentoring with Dena

Work with Dena 1:1 over the course of two moon cycles to get support through your personal transformation, gain empowerment skills and learn how to powerfully manifest with the moon.

Dena's unique style of mentoring and use of moon magic will help to awaken and inspire the inner mystic in you.

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Healing Products


Energy Balancing TOolbox

This Energy Balancing Toolbox is a necessity for lightworkers, empaths and healers of all types. It's  a great addition to your daily sacred practice.

Included in your toolbox:

  • Dena's Morning Energy Shielding meditation
  • Finding Your Voice meditation
  • Dena's Chakra Healing meditation
  • How to Cut Etheric Cords in 4 Easy Steps
  • How to Shift Limiting Beliefs for Good
  • Psychic Attack Clearing
  • Dena's Evening Release and Restore meditation 
  • plus more!


E-Book:  "So, You're a Lightworker, Now What?"

In this 20 page book, you'll learn:

  • 11 signs you're a lightworker, so you can really know FOR SURE
  • what it means to be a lightworker and how your life will be affected
  • all about the different categories, realms and soul groups of lightworkers
  • lightworker missions and how to identify yours
  • how to be of service + ideas of what you can do 
  • what your next steps are

Plus more!

Group Programs & WOrkshops


Manifest Your Mission in 30 days course

This is a self-paced journaling course created to systematically lead you through the manifestation of your spiritual business. 

Journaling is a powerful, potent manifestation technique and an effective way to bring your dreams to life. 

This course offers a downloadable journal with 30 daily writing prompts, 4 deep dive exercises to help you set the foundation of your spiritual biz, a 5 day discover your purpose challenge +  more!


Streamline to Purpose workshop

Do you feel like time just keeps ticking by and you're still not any closer to living your divine purpose in life?

In this informative, life-shifting workshop, you'll learn the tools, tips and systems of the pros to get you moving forward faster into your life purpose. 

We'll break it all down for you in an easy-to-digest way so you'll leave feeling inspired to implement these tools into your life + spiritual biz.

Workbook, checklist, and goal planner included.


Light Up Your Dark Dark Night Of The Soul workshop

Many lightworkers go through challenging times right before a major spiritual breakthrough. Have you been feeling super off- course lately? Do things seem to be falling apart like crazy in your life? 

In this 3-part video series workshop you'll get to the bottom of all of this so you can finally experience your spiritual breakthrough. 

Workbook included.