Seeing The Problem As The Portal

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A portal to your personal freedom lies hidden within your thoughts, emotions and physical symptoms. With practice, you can learn to focus your awareness, so instead of fearing what doesn’t feel good inside, you can begin to look to it with great curiosity. If you can accomplish this skill, you’ll have obtained the key to unlocking the door to your personal freedom.

Our backwards society has taught its people that emotional pains, uncomfortable feelings, and physical symptoms should be covered up immediately. How embarrassing it is to express an emotion that arises out of the blue, or God forbid, a MAN cry, and we sure enough better pop a pill as soon as our bodies start to ache.

Do we ever stop to think about what message our body is trying to tell us?

What belief or story is connected to that random emotion?

What thoughts we’re thinking that are causing our body to give us a warning signal?

Even further still, what omnipotent wisdom is guiding these signals and why?

Within the subtle energetic vibrations of our inner being, lies an innate powerful wisdom, perfectly programmed to heal us from anything and everything. It’s our divine birthright to heal and be whole, and anything other than that is unnatural.

To demonstrate this, I want you to think about the last time you got a scrape or a cut and started to bleed. What happened to that cut? Did your blood begin to clot and form a scab? Did that scab turn into a scar? Every cell and organ within your body is programmed like this to heal and repair.

Our bodies communicate to us like mysterious maps containing buried treasure inside. However, our bodies can’t talk, so instead they give us feelings, emotions and symptoms. If we learn to listen and decipher the codes used to communicate, we can heal and find the inner freedom we seek.

Of course, it’s hard to take responsibility for our own thoughts, feelings, emotions and symptoms. It’s much easier to fall victim to them instead, and this is what most of us tend to do, because this is what we were taught.

Next time you’re feeling extra emotional, I invite you to ask yourself why. Try to use your awareness to scan through your body to find any feelings of discomfort or resistance. See if you can begin a conversation with this silent, symbolic communicator. Observe where in your body you are feeling the resistance and try to describe how it feels. Is it a sinking feeling in your chest? Is it a tightness in your throat? Is it all encompassing throughout your entire body?

Be eager to get to know the parts of you that you’ve never taken notice to before. The more you pay attention to those parts, the more you will learn to understand and trust the information you receive.

There is an inner child who lives within you who is calling for your help. He/she is still wounded from past experiences and is trapped in time, waiting to heal and rejoin you in the present. It doesn’t have to take years of talk therapy and re-experiencing inner wounds in order to integrate these parts of you. There is a faster, better way.

It can take years of emotional abuses to finally manifest as physical symptoms. By then we have formed belief systems and emotional set points that usually contain harsh judgments of ourselves. Our ego minds become a sort of mental tape player that becomes the background basis for all of our life creations. If we go through life unhealed, they act as a magnet and attract relationships, events and occurrences that are detrimental to our wellbeing, but at the same time, these situations are the perfect catalyst for our deeper healing.

Every single moment in your life you have the opportunity to tune into your body and the different emotions and sensations that you feel, tunneling down your own portal of healing. If you have ignored these sensations for quite some time, they can turn into more chronic illnesses, which your body creates to capture your attention. You can then shift the dissonant energy to a vibration that is resonant to your natural state, which is pure God/Source energy and the ultimate-reality truth.

It is your divine birthright to be healthy, whole and complete. We all have the innate power to heal ourselves if we can step our of ego minds and learn to listen to the ways in which our bodies communicate with us.

If you’ve been feeling stuck in your spiritual growth and ready to shift the years of emotional trauma out of your energy system, sign up for a Transform healing session today. I use quantum healing and Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques to help you heal faster and more gracefully. I’d love to help you begin your powerful journey of transformation, so you can finally experience true joy, freedom and healing in your life.

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moon phase depression in lightworkers

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Our moods can be affected by the phases of the moon and sometimes, if we pay close attention, we can notice patterns in our moods during certain phases of each cycle. 

For women, the complete moon cycle mirrors our own menstrual cycle and we can look to the moon as a reminder that we are cyclical, just like the moon and we may feel differently emotionally, mentally and physically during each phase. 

One thing that can stay constant however, is our spiritual connection. We can use the moon as a reminder that through all it's phases, it remains constant, gently guiding and supporting us through each of our own cycles and phases. When we pay attention, we begin to notice more and more how powerful and symbolic this gentle, guiding light can be. 

Many people will tend to be more energetic with the waxing moon, leading up to the full moon, when the energy peaks. Everyone from adults, to children and even animals are visibly affected by the strong energy of the full moon. It's a great time to be creative, channel energy from the etheric realm into the physical and to practice using your intuition.

When the moon begins to wane and slowly lose her light, it's time to tune in and be introspective, seeing clearly which parts of our lives are working and which parts still need some adjusting.

During the waning moon, (third quarter, to gibbous to dark) we can see how close we came to manifesting our intentions at the new moon and we can see what obstacles arose that are still blocking us from receiving. 

It's ok if you feel down, depleted and depressed. Really pay attention to those feelings you're having and the thoughts you tell yourself when you're feeling this way. 

Try to become the silent witness, separating yourself from the negative feelings and self-criticizing thoughts. The silent witness is your true self and is always untouched, perfect, whole & complete

Keep a journal (and use your FREE MOON JOURNAL!) and document whatever rises up for you and notice any patterns or underlying core belief systems that are holding you back from achieving your desires.

On the next new moon, you can now clear that limiting belief you've discovered by setting an intention to do so, working closely with each individual phase of the moon cycle.

Depression serves a purpose and it's never anything to be ashamed of. We're just being intuitive and feeling the gap between where we desire to be and where we currently are residing.

5 Signs You're on the Brink of a Spiritual Awakening

Do you sometimes feel like as hard as you try to hold onto the pieces of your life, everything just seems to be falling apart? Do you ever stop to examine your life and tell yourself, there’s got to be more than this? Before you allow yourself to sink into a deep depression, let me suggest to you the possibility that life just might be meticulously leading you toward your big awakening!

Are you a spiritual introvert?

Are You A Spiritual Introvert?.png

Shout out to all the spiritual introverts out there who are currently trying to overcome their fears and get their gifts 'out there'. 

Are you a spiritual introvert? 

I am.

Personalities are weird, I think. When I was growing up, I always thought that extrovert = popular and introvert = weird & nerdy. At least that's what I picked up from other's views of me.

This always caused me to dislike my own personality. I felt that the personality I was, the ME at my core level, was flawed. 

Imagine growing up like this, how your world would be shaped around this idea. You wouldn't feel deserving of anything. You would feel less than, incapable of, inferior and worthless. You would draw to you circumstances in which others would act superior to you, who would take advantage of you, bully you, and abuse you.

Life would send you these divine encounters, because life is a balancing act of energies. Any of the ways in which you are deficient, energetically, you will attract the excessive energetic co-part. 

These situations will continue to occur for you if you keep repeating the same patterns, making the same choices and holding the same opinions of yourself.

Until that is, you became empowered.

Once you begin to waken up a little bit, from your foggy stupor, you realize that are actually pretty funny, cool and interesting. You gain a little confidence and then start to actually nurture yourself some. You start feeling better and better and gaining more and more confidence. 

Then, you finally make the bold decision to begin to get yourself out there IN FRONT OF OTHERS. {Gasp!}

You take the chance of attracting attention to yourself, the risk of getting hurt again, of getting judged and ridiculed. All the old fears come rushing back. 

"What if they hate me? What if they throw stones at me? What if they call me a fraud????"  What if, what if, what if.....

If makes us want to hide.

But we don't because we're warriors. We feel it in our bones, that we must persevere. We get gently nudged by Spirit when we coil up and hide. We bravely and courageously, although not fearlessly, keep walking forward.

Spiritual introverts.

We came here into this world with certain gifts to share 'out there' in front of people. We're usually extremely empathic, intuitive and wise old souls. It takes us awhile after being so shell- shocked from our painful upbringings, to actually gain back the confidence to show ourselves authentically to others. 

So, fellow spiritual introvert, I want to tell you that I applaud you for having the courage to finally see yourself for your true beauty. I applaud you for doing all that inner work to push past the pain and heal from your wounds in order to finally recognize your amazing, inherent gifts. 

You have done so much! You are worth so much! 

The light in me honors, acknowledges and respects the light in you.


How are YOU stepping more into your authentic self and shining your unique light to others? I would love to know!

Dena Blevins is a life purpose coach to awakening lightworkers, helping guide them into authentic, fulfilled and balanced lives. To book a coaching session click here.



11:11 A Wake-Up Call to Lightworkers


Are you going crazy?

Lately, it seems that every time you glance at the clock it's 11:11 or 1:11.

You're seeing it on license plates, receipts, and other strange places. 

What is going on, you wonder?

It's almost as if someone or something is trying to get my attention...

Ding! Ding! Ding! Precisely, that's it!!

Welcome to your awakening, new lightworker.

This is often how it begins for us awakened people. And by people, I mean lightworkers, starseeds, intuitives, earth angels, wayshowers or whatever term you want to give us.

We are here during these transformative times with a mission.

We may not know what it is yet, but we feel it in our bones. It's importance is HUGE. There is nothing that will stand in the way of us achieving our mission. Does this resonate with you?

If this resonates, I want you to know you are NOT alone. You are NOT going crazy.

You are entering a phase of your life called your awakening. You may also be entering a time period called the dark night of the soul, aka DNOTS.

This basically means that you have spiritually evolved to such a level where this becomes your next phase of existence. There's no turning back now. You have arrived.

What happens now is still totally up to you. You can either get totally freaked out and hold on tightly to everything you have and everything you are (like I did), OR you can ride the tide with surrender and faith, trusting that you will arrive safely on the other side of the shore, where you will recollect yourself and begin the new phase of your life in a brand new way.

Sound intriguing?

I have been there and I believe I have experienced this journey in almost the hardest way possible. I lost relationships, lost friends and almost lost my life completely. I was terrified, I felt alone and I had absolutely no idea where to turn.

I held on as tightly as possible, clinging to my life and trying desperately to hold it all together for as long as I could.

It didn't work.

Though this experience though, my dark night of the soul, I discovered my divine identity (lightworker) and my divine purpose.

 I guide lightworkers though their spiritual awakening and dark night of the soul, helping them to discover their own divine identity and their own missions here during these transformational times. 

Are you ready to get clear on your divine purpose and get going on your mission? 

Sign up for a free discovery session here. 


3 Things You Can Do to Feel Better NOW

3 Things You Can Do to.png

Yep, we all know it. The collective energy is THICK and HEAVY right now. We, lightworkers are fully aware of the ascension times we are all experiencing, but knowing that doesn't make it feel any better, does it? 

If any part of you is out of authentic alignment right now, you are going to fully feel it. That's the whole point! The Universal energies are turning up the dial (they really turned up that dial in August) and our discomfort level is peaked. What will it take for you to let go and make moves toward living a life that is more truly you?

I know, I know, you've been trying and now you're just freaking annoyed. You're willing to do whatever it takes, you're practically begging for answers at this point. (anything to make it stop, right?)

Long term, there are deep dives to take and action plans to create, but short term what can you do?

I've come up with my top 3 things you can do right now to feel better energetically.

#1. Become Fully Present

You can do this right now. (or right after you read this article) Stop what you're doing, stop thinking about all the changes and struggles you're going through, stop worrying about money or your kids or your job, stop looking past the everyday miracles, stop ignoring your internal messages. STOP. EVERYTHING.

What do you see with your eyes? What colors, shapes and sights do you see?

What do you hear with your ears? What kinds of noises, pitches, sounds can you distinguish? Can you hear your own breath? Your heartbeat?

What do you feel within your own body? Can you feel any holding? Can you feel your heart pumping blood through the vessels in your body? Can you feel Source energy flowing through your being? Take notice of what you feel.

Experiment with how long you be fully present in your surroundings. Practice doing this more often and for longer periods of time. You'd be surprised how practicing presence can immediately shift you into alignment with your true being.

#2 Stop Projecting into the Future

This one piggybacks off the first one. Projecting yourself into the future is the number one cause for anxiety. It is your body's way of signaling to you that you are out of alignment with the present moment. The ego is great at pointing out all the ways at which we will fail or never be able to reach our dreams. By being present in the moment, we are able to experience more downloads of ideas and inspirations just when we need them the most. 

It is not your job to figure out how things will happen for you. Allow yourself the freedom to dream your heart's desires and then allow Source energy to figure out the details of how. By being present, you create the space to allow in the seeds of ideas and inspiration that can be sowed by your uniqueness and creative touch. 

If you stop and pay attention, one stepping stone at a time will be given to you. As long as you allow yourself to dream, Spirit will know your intended destination and therefore which stepping stones to place before you. Remember, you are in CO-creation with Spirit.

#3 Break the Energy Brick

Sometimes the energy is so incredibly thick around you that you feel like a monster is living inside of you. A saint could be standing in front of you giving you guidance and you would come up with every reason why his guidance wouldn't work for you. You know you're being ridiculous, but you don't even care to stop it in this moment. 

Quick fix: Clap your hands together loudly for 15-20 seconds. Now shake them for 15-20 seconds more. Do 10 jumping jacks. Yes, seriously. Take 10 deep breaths and notice how you feel. This shifts the physical energy around you immediately. Now what you do in the next moments is up to you, but I suggest you make a decision to do something in alignment with the true you!

There you go, my top 3 ways you can feel better NOW, energetically.

If you would like more assistance with shifting your energy, I have created a new healing session especially made for sensitive souls with purpose. You can check it out here. 




The Eye of The Needle

What lies on the other side of your fear?

I invite you to consider the possibility that the life of your dreams lies there.

For so long, I stayed stuck within the limiting mental constructs of fear. My fear gave me every excuse to stay in a place that didn't make me truly happy. I was scared to make a change, scared of the unknown, scared I didn't have the skills, knowledge or money to take the proper actions, scared that if I tried, I would fall flat on my face, alone and unsupported by the Universe. So, stuck I stayed. Not to mention unfulfilled...and unhappy.

Actually, the whole role of fear or ego, is to keep you the same and prevent you from growing and changing. Ego loves to keep you boxed into your safe little comfort zone, where you'll never be challenged to try something new or step out of that box. This keeps the ego alive but it also keeps everything...the same. Sameness, is the antithesis of spiritual growth.

Are you looking to spread your wings and grow into the unlimited being that in actuality you already are? Wouldn't you love to be able to visualize whatever you wanted for yourself and then be able to step into that vision, making it your reality?

You can do this, but first you're going to have to loosen the ego's tight grip on your life. You're going to have to strengthen some new spiritual muscles and learn to make change your new normal. 

Taking those first few steps is the hardest part of breaking the cycle of complacency. You'll brush up against denial, excuses, resistance and self-sabotage. It's so much easier to give up, throw in the towel and fall into victim mode. ("I'll never be able to make this happen because of x,y,z..." )

With awareness of what tricks the ego mind can play on you, you can properly prepare to make your change. You're going to have to expect that things may have to get worse before they can get better. When any of the denial, excuses, resistance or self-sabotage arise, you can recognize them for what they are and even have a conversation with them. ("Oh yeah, this is me making an excuse when things are getting difficult, but I'm not going to let it stop me this time...")

Do everything you can to prepare to go through the eye of the needle. Build up your strength and your support system by eating healthy foods, exercising and enlisting in the help of friends and family. Tell them what you plan on doing and ask them that they assist in holding you accountable. If you don't have anyone to help you with this, write yourself letters of encouragement that you can re-read when you are feeling low.

With more and more people in this world suffering from depression, we should keep in mind that our feelings and emotions are our body's form of communication with us. Instead of suppressing these feelings or looking to substances, TV or other distractions to numb us of our pain, we can learn to honor the feelings we have. Allow your feelings to guide you to make the proper changes that will lead you to your amazing life.

After years of resistance to change myself, I finally gave up the fight. Although it wasn't easy, I can certainly say that the Universe didn't allow me to fall flat on my face. I had to take that first step into the unknown however, while being unable to see my final destination. With each step I took, another stepping stone was placed before me, until finally, I found solid ground in my new manifested reality.

Isn't it time to stop letting fear hold you hostage? Are you willing to stay living complacently and staying stuck in the same old patterns? 

Your soul longs to be set free. Don't let those dreams and visions you have for yourself be mental castles in the sand. It's time to gather up your courage and make the changes you are being guided toward once and for all. 

It's time to pass through YOUR eye of the needle and finally experience what's on the other side of your fear. 

If you would like to receive one-on-one spiritual coaching with Dena to help you reach your vision in life, click here.


Who is the Real You??

Do you ever wonder what happened to that happy, fun, carefree version of yourself you had a few years back? Before the hard times, before the loss, before the challenges, before you got knocked down? Who was that girl? Where is she now? Can you get her back??

I've certainly experienced these feelings myself after going through a difficult relationship and a harrowing divorce. I noticed I was becoming uncomfortable in my own skin, not really liking the person I saw in the reflection of the mirror. I was no longer waking up joyful in the mornings. Instead, I was waking up filled with the feeling of dread. I was afraid that the girl I once was, that happy, carefree lover-of-life, was gone forever.

When we go through challenging times, we can get tripped up by the ego mind which blames us, chastises us and causes us to feel resentful. By allowing the ego to carry on with its knock-you-down and keep-you-small tactics, we forget that we are infinite beings in a body, here to experience all aspects of a creative life. 

When we blame ourselves or blame others, what we are really doing is pushing the problem, (the pattern), away from us, causing us to stay trapped in the energy (the pattern). We do this instead of taking responsibility for the pattern and then it becomes impossible to break free and rise above it.

When we decide to take responsibility for our patterns and stop blaming others, we can energetically rise above the ego's mental tricks. We can choose to ask ourselves questions like: 

  • "What can I do to become more joyful in life?" instead of "Why does he always take the joy out of my life?"
  • "What would it take for me to release this pattern and move forward in my life?" instead of "Why does this pattern keep happening to me?"
  • "What steps can I take in order to re-align with the authentic me?" instead of "Why don't I ever feel happy anymore?"

By practicing empowering questions like these, you can slowly begin to take your power back and rise above the negativity of the ego mind. The Universe will always reflect back to you how you are feeling inside, so if you ask it why you're not happy anymore, it will show you why you are not happy.

If you pay attention after asking your empowering questions, you will receive signs and intuitive guidance that will lead you back to your authentic life. Align to these signs and guidance instead of aligning to that which does not serve you or uplift you.

Once I really began to practice this in my life, things began to open up immediately. I shifted my focus from blaming others and myself to taking responsibility of my patterns. I asked the Universe how I could make things better. I looked for signs and guidance and I acted upon the information that I received. I began to take the high road more and to release the need to always be right. I became more aware of limiting beliefs I had such as; "Life is hard," "If they find out who I really am, they won't like me," and "I'm not good enough."

As I learned to re-claim my power, I noticed my old self starting to show up again! I began to laugh more, joke around more and smile more. One of my favorite things to do is perform by signing and dancing, so when I felt myself doing this again around more and more people, I knew the old Dena was coming back!

And OMG does it feel GOOD!

So, if you are stuck in an uncomfortable place and doubting the goodness of yourself, I assure you this is NOT the real you. Think of a time when you were happy, carefree, laughing and full of joy. How did you act? What kinds of things did you do or say? How did you treat people? How did you treat yourself? Take a deep breath and take this memory in. THIS is the real, authentic you. She is not gone. She is still there, waiting to come back out to play. She loves you and she wants you to re-connect with her.  

What would it take for you to begin the journey of re-discovering her?