What Does it Really Mean to be a Lightworker?

What Does it Really Mean to be a Lightworker?

So, you've determined that you resonate with most, if not all of the qualities of a lightworker. Hopefully, you're starting to get past the denial and disbelief stage at this point. Even if you're not 'out there' doing something with your lightworker abilities, it just rings in your heart as TRUTH. 

Do you really have to be 'out there' shining your light in order to be honorably classified as a lightworker? Do you feel you have to prove to someone or something that you are worthy of this role? What exactly is a lightworker anyway? Are there different types?

I have been asked these questions many times, so I will gladly answer them again here.

Lightworkers are very old souls who have previously reached certain levels of enlightenment in other planes of existence. Now, with the Age of Aquarius dawning, and the world being in such transformational chaos, these lightworker souls have volunteered to incarnate here on Earth to help transform darkness into light. 

There is also said to be reasons of galactical karma, which cause the lightworkers to want to re-experience life here in order to neutralize this karma.

Just by being here on this Earthly plane, lightworkers have done a great deed. They have had to restrict and condense down their vibration in order to exist here in the third dimension of physicality. In doing this, they have suffered much trauma and a sort of amnesia that they are slowly starting to awaken from now.

Although lightworkers have been incarnating here for hundreds of years, there are bigger waves of them coming in now. We are at a crucial point of evolution as humanity is on the brink of a massive spiritual awakening and ascension.

Some lightworkers have missions here that include healing others, being spiritual leaders or being great change makers.

Others have more 'behind-the-scenes' roles, such as energy transformers, frequency anchors or in working to transform their own shadow.

To be a lightworker you don't have to be some kind of super hero who comes to the rescue of every person in need around you. You're not required to have an active healing practice or a thriving spiritual business. You could, but it's not a requirement.

Many lightworkers are hiding out at home tucked away from the chaos of the external world, where they can find their place of peace and solitude. 

Even while in the comfort and safety of their own homes, they often experience the symptoms of ascension which cause them to feel fatigued, achy and emotionally overwhelmed.

Being the empaths and ultra-sensitives they are, these frontrunner volunteers are the first to feel the new higher vibrational energy streams that pour in from new open portals and astrological alignments, putting pressure on their bodies to transform to new harmonics.

So, who are the lightworkers? We are the ones who are either out on the front lines, being models of love, light and new paradigm, or we are the ones who are silently behind-the-scenes absorbing, buffering and anchoring transformational downloads of ascending  love and light currents for humanity to behold. We may also be a mixture of these two.

There is no need to prove your worthiness of this role. Just by being here lightworker, you have done massive work. You will know when it is time to make a move and serve humanity in a new way. You will feel the gentle guidance or you will feel the shove, depending on how crucial it is for you to make your move at the time.

If you are feeling the need for support from other like minded souls on the same path as you, I have created The Luminous Lightworker Leaders Facebook group, where lightworkers on a mission to serve humanity gather.

I invite you to come check it out and receive the support, skills and sisterhood you deserve.

Thanks for being here lightworkers! A rising tide lifts all boats. Together, we will rise!