Are you a spiritual introvert?

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Shout out to all the spiritual introverts out there who are currently trying to overcome their fears and get their gifts 'out there'. 

Are you a spiritual introvert? 

I am.

Personalities are weird, I think. When I was growing up, I always thought that extrovert = popular and introvert = weird & nerdy. At least that's what I picked up from other's views of me.

This always caused me to dislike my own personality. I felt that the personality I was, the ME at my core level, was flawed. 

Imagine growing up like this, how your world would be shaped around this idea. You wouldn't feel deserving of anything. You would feel less than, incapable of, inferior and worthless. You would draw to you circumstances in which others would act superior to you, who would take advantage of you, bully you, and abuse you.

Life would send you these divine encounters, because life is a balancing act of energies. Any of the ways in which you are deficient, energetically, you will attract the excessive energetic co-part. 

These situations will continue to occur for you if you keep repeating the same patterns, making the same choices and holding the same opinions of yourself.

Until that is, you became empowered.

Once you begin to waken up a little bit, from your foggy stupor, you realize that are actually pretty funny, cool and interesting. You gain a little confidence and then start to actually nurture yourself some. You start feeling better and better and gaining more and more confidence. 

Then, you finally make the bold decision to begin to get yourself out there IN FRONT OF OTHERS. {Gasp!}

You take the chance of attracting attention to yourself, the risk of getting hurt again, of getting judged and ridiculed. All the old fears come rushing back. 

"What if they hate me? What if they throw stones at me? What if they call me a fraud????"  What if, what if, what if.....

If makes us want to hide.

But we don't because we're warriors. We feel it in our bones, that we must persevere. We get gently nudged by Spirit when we coil up and hide. We bravely and courageously, although not fearlessly, keep walking forward.

Spiritual introverts.

We came here into this world with certain gifts to share 'out there' in front of people. We're usually extremely empathic, intuitive and wise old souls. It takes us awhile after being so shell- shocked from our painful upbringings, to actually gain back the confidence to show ourselves authentically to others. 

So, fellow spiritual introvert, I want to tell you that I applaud you for having the courage to finally see yourself for your true beauty. I applaud you for doing all that inner work to push past the pain and heal from your wounds in order to finally recognize your amazing, inherent gifts. 

You have done so much! You are worth so much! 

The light in me honors, acknowledges and respects the light in you.


How are YOU stepping more into your authentic self and shining your unique light to others? I would love to know!

Dena Blevins is a life purpose coach to awakening lightworkers, helping guide them into authentic, fulfilled and balanced lives. To book a coaching session click here.