5 Most Common Beliefs that Keep Lightworkers Stuck: #1

That Keep Lightworkers Stuck.png

How much time do you spend wondering what your true purpose is?

Thinking about what else you could be or should be doing?

Envying others who seem to be loving the HECK out of their lives?? {must be nice, huh?}

How many days have you forced yourself to get outta that bed, fight that traffic and sit in a place that doesn't fulfill your hopes and dreams?

Do you feel that pull in the pit of your stomach when I ask you those questions?

If so, then GOOD!!! {Take a deep, cleansing breath now.}

That means that there are some simple adjustments that can be made to shift you into a more authentic and joyful life.

Your general life purpose is this:
To express your authentic, unique, ever-changing, ever-expansive self in this physical realm.

It doesn't have to be hard, although I bet there are all kinds of beliefs and stories you're telling yourself that keep you feeling stuck and hopeless about changing your life to be reflective of who you truly are at a soul level.

Those are the precise things that can be worked on and changed in order for your new, more aligned life to unfold.

Here are the top 5 most common beliefs that keep people stuck:
(See if you tell yourself any of these things)

  1. I don't have the time to...(_fill in the blank_)
  2. I can't afford it
  3. I don't know how to...
  4. I don't want to rock the boat, upset anyone, etc.
  5. I don't feel skilled enough to...

Do any of those thoughts sound familiar?

If so, those are called LIMITING BELIEFS and they can be worked on and changed. 

The energy of those thoughts are closed, condensed and restricting. They don't allow anything new to enter in. There is no space to do so.

No wonder they make you feel bad!

Right now, more than ever, the Universal energy is SO supportive to letting these OLD, OUTDATED beliefs goooooooooo. {shake it off baby}

You can learn to work with the energy that is pouring down upon you and nudging you to live more congruently with the highest and best version of you.

In my next few posts, I will be focusing on how to identify and shift those limiting beliefs are holding you back from living your authentic, joyful life. 

Here is a little exercise you can try to help reverse those limiting beliefs and open yourself up to a new high vibrational flow of energy.

Limiting belief #1: I don't have the time.

What this really means: is that you have said YES to too many things that are not serving highest and best interest for the evolution of your soul. 

It means that you have not listened to your intuition in the past or that your goals and desires for yourself have changed. 

Ponder this: we all have the same hours and minutes in a day. How can you shift your time just a little bit to include something that you have been desiring for yourself?

Let's take it back a step further because if you have been accustomed to living your life according to the expectations and desires of anyone other than YOURSELF than you may not even know WHAT you are desiring for yourself.

Can you honor, respect and love yourself enough to carve out some time today to sit quietly and come up with a few things that you would love to do for yourself?

What are some things you would love to do:


  • in the next few days?
  • in the next week?
  • in the next two weeks?
  • in the next month?

Affirm with me now:
How I spend my time is of my choosing. I choose to spend my time on the activities, projects and with people that LIFT ME UP, SERVE MY HIGHEST GOOD and FULFILL MY DREAMS AND DESIRES.

It may not feel true to you.....YET. 

But keep working with it. Feel the subtleties of the energy you are using change from:

CLOSED and RESTRICTED thought patterns


OPEN and RECEIVING thought patterns.

Can you feel a difference between:

I don't have the time.


How can I make the time?

Try it out and let me know if you if you can sense the energy shift!

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