Elevate Your Vibration--What does it Mean??

As more and more people are beginning to awaken and rub the crust out of their sleepy eyes, they are beginning to question the new ways in which they are experiencing life. Their lives may feel shockingly different as old habits, relationships, and even ways of relating to life shift dramatically. 

Most of humanity by this point in time have had glimpses of awakening. They have experienced moments of clarity and remembrance of the inner self and of the ultimate reality. Sometimes this sharply contrasts with what we have been taught to believe. 

Awakening feels good and joyous to the soul. When we are awake and aligned with the truth of our being, our vibration is high. We emit a faster, higher vibration into the Universe.

Everything is made up of energy frequencies, and humanity is included in this. At any given moment, we are processing energy frequencies from the atmosphere, radio waves, lighting, tv, cell phones, colors, other human frequencies and so on. Very often we absorb these energies and they stick to us. We can feel confused, overwhelmed, lethargic, dizzy, malaise, etc. 

The good news is, you can learn to Elevate Your Vibration! The old paradigm is over and done. It is no longer supporting the vibration of the collective consciousness of humanity. This means that people are having a harder and harder time trying to stick with their old ways of living in denial and suppression. 

Life knows your truth even if you don't. You can go through your days, living in the old, routine way, but if you tune in, you will recognize that you are getting more and more uncomfortable. Your inner self, or higher self, whichever you prefer to call it, is begging for your attention. You have untapped talents and unrecognized gifts waiting to be presented to the world. 

If you took a day or so to get in touch with your long lost desires and goals for yourself, would you even know what you want? Do you still allow yourself to dream and imagine your life as a child would? Or have you become someone you don't even recognize, someone who just goes through the motions, while feeling trapped and out of control? 

We are not meant to live lives of suffering. We are not meant to struggle. We have been conditioned by others and the powers-that-be to suppress our desires and follow the rules society has created for us. The truth is that the power is not out there, with them. The power is found within your SELF. 

It's time to stop living in default mode and instead re-boot to a life where YOU are in control!

Just notice for example, how you feel when you are doing something you love. You forget about time, you experience being in the moment. Your inner being resonates and feels fulfilled and alive. This is how it feels to follow your personal truth. When we do this, our vibration is high and elevated. We are energetically aligned and we resonate this alignment out into the Universe. 

When we live in our truth, we are doing what we came here to do!

So, how do you start to learn to elevate your vibration yourself? It is very simple. Pay attention to the things you love and follow them. Steer away from the things you don't. Let the things that don't feel good fall away and allow space for the things you love to enter into your world. If you don't feel great saying YES, do not feel obligated to do so. 

This is a simple concept, however it is not how we are programmed to live. We are taught to sacrifice our happiness for others or we are self-centered, self-absorbed and self-serving. This old paradigm of thinking is no longer working however, as the masses begin to awaken to the Truth. 

If you come across one of these "awakened ones," I dare you to ask them what makes them so blissful. They will tell you, they have found their happiness within. 

When you gather up your courage and look beyond your fear, you will be rewarded. 

When you take the first step and begin to align to the truth of your being, you will feel the resonating joy. This feeling is what you will follow. Your feelings are guideposts toward living a life of fulfillment. They tell you if you are on a path of alignment or a path of resistance. 

Honor your feelings, they are windows to your soul!

So, this Elevate Your Vibration thing? It's really not so esoteric after all. It's actually a pretty cool path to happiness. It's a path that once you embark upon, will open your eyes to a new way of life. You will find peace and joy there, inspiration and satisfaction there. You will feel alive and vibrant, energetic and creative. You will be living on the edge, riding the current of a momentous life.

How does this sound to your awakening soul? Are you ready to get started?