Have you Checked in with yourSelf Today?

Busy, busy we are, as a society today. The alarm goes off, we hit snooze and then finally arise, only to rush off to work, speedily groomed and maybe fed, fight traffic, attend meetings, check endless emails, meet clients, fight traffic again....

Meanwhile, our higher selves are patiently awaiting our attention, longing for us to recognize and connect...

Are you guilty of participating in the rat race whilst ignoring the most important and beautiful aspect of yourself?

We can mindlessly get sucked into the societal "busy-ness" of life, and spiral down the tantalizing trap of ego, competitiveness, and mind clutter. 

Do you realize that by doing this, you are allowing life to control you and keep you bound to your own ideas of imprisonment and sense of lack?

By allowing life to hold the reigns of your entitled journey, you will never achieve the freedom and peace of mind that you are subconsciously seeking.

If you have even stopped your obsessive addiction of technology-tapping, t.v. watching, ear-bud stuffing and radio listening long enough to read this, then here is the message that I have for you today:

Please grant yourself the respectful regard to stop the obsessiveness for five minutes to plug in to who you really are. 

Please wake up!

Here are some enlightening reminders to keep in mind:

  1. The truth of who you really are is an untainted, damage-free, model of the most perfect aspect of you.
  2. You have made no mistakes, you have harmed no-one, no one has harmed you, and you are not powerless in this journey.
  3. Your higher self is a version of you that is ready and waiting to connect with you and guide you toward the most magnificent life, if you are willing.

Decide today to end the vicious cycle of stuffing your mind full of clutter and cobwebs in order to close out the beckonings of your precious guiding companion.

Those beckonings can seem ghostly as they mirror to us how unhappy we are in our current choice of life. However, once we can truthfully acknowledge our reality for what it truly is, then we have created a starting point. 

You can start your new journey today by taking the reigns of your own life and setting a new intention to consciously create the life you have been longing for. 

The life you have been longing for is your intuitive guidance tapping you on the shoulder, patiently awaiting your acknowledgement so you can begin your journey of Truth, Freedom, and Love.

Congratulations, you have awakened.