It's Time to Fly. {Your Healing Journey}

I was born into this world a wounded soul. 

The origins of the wounds go back lifetimes I assume, because I have no clear recollection of which to pinpoint.

Intuitively, I know that one of the reasons I came here to this Earth plane is to heal and be healed. This cognition has been constantly reaffirmed to me throughout the duration of my lifetime. 

As a little girl, I barely spoke, except to those I was closest to. Not only was I intimidated by every person I encountered, but I had intense social anxiety which held me fearfully hostage. 

Ask me my opinion? I would answer "I don't know." I was disconnected from my emotions, opinions and even my own power.

The one thing I had going for me from a very young age, was my connection to spirit. I connected to Source during my times of solitude. I had an imaginary friend, who I believe to this day was real. I could be pleasantly "alone" with my thoughts for hours.

While my outer life was often fearful and solitary, my inner life was rich and full.

My early mission in life was "to find me and come out."

With the help of books, healers, coaches and hard lessons from life, I was finally able to do so. I'll never forget my first spiritual guide, an astrologer who I met when I was 23 years old. 

He literally read me like a book. He deciphered my natal chart and with ever-so-sweet, unconditionally loving eyes told me of my healing, intuitive powers and the great things I would do with them in my lifetime. 

I had just barely begun my healing journey at the time, so I just listened with an open mind and felt the deep resonance.

The things he told me back in 2000 are still coming to fruition.

Since then, I have been advantageously addicted to healers and teachers. Every single hardship I have ever endured has been overcome with the help of some sort of healer.

Over the years I have found my power and my voice, I have strengthened my courage and my resolve, and I have set high goals for myself that have caused me to stretch to become the person I needed to be to achieve them. 

All of this I have done thanks to the tools I have received from the amazing healers i have encountered on my journey. 

I now have a new mission in life, "To stand firmly, shine brightly and show others." I have a heated passion to help others discover their divine identity, allowing them to live purposeful, inspired lives.

How about you? Do you work with healers? Are you open to evaluating your areas of growth or are you comfortable living complacently for fear of breaking out of the box?

I want to extend to you an invitation. I would like to invite you to explore what's possible for you. If you had no limitations, no restrictions, no obligations, what would you do? Who would you become? Where would you go? What would you build?

I urge you to follow your dreams. You only have this one life as YOU. Life has a plan for you, just as it did for me. 

You can begin by looking within and truly seeing with clear eyes, the radiant, full-of-potential, unlimited being living inside of you. 

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