Your Hidden Heart

What do you long for down deep in the hidden parts of your heart? Are you in a place of fully allowing your desires to present openly into the world?

We are now fully immersed in the age of awakening. This year has been comprised of impactful planetary alignments that have forcefully guided us while graciously expanding us into more truth. 

How have you been feeling lately? Take a close look at your thoughts, feelings and emotions. This new age brings us more fully into alignment with ourselves. This means there is no more hiding, no more pretending about where you resonate in this plane of existence. 

No longer can you live complacently without feeling a heavy weight of dissatisfaction with your life. Physical ailments are becoming stronger as our intuitive bodies try harder to communicate with us. Disagreements form more readily, addictions call us more strongly, pressure is forming more forcefully.

So I ask you again, what do you long for down deep in the hidden parts of your heart? The truth of you is waiting to be re-discovered and get re-acquainted with you. I assure you, you have not lost yourself. 

All that you long for resides in a treasure chest buried deep within your heart. 

The question then becomes, how do I unlock this treasure that is held within myself? The answer is simple yet challenging. Pay attention to the way you feel. When you feel good, you are in alignment with the truth of you. You can follow that path by moving closer to what feels good. 

When you reach a point that feels uncomfortable, heavy, or any other challenging emotion, you then know Life is showing you that there is another way to look at this situation. 

When you feel uncomfortable emotions, that is your signal that you are out of alignment with Truth. You are resonating in a state that is in discordance with the truth of your being. This is your signal to pay attention. 

This also means that you can shift your perspective and ask for guidance in seeing the situation from a higher frequency view. This will most likely involve a new and different action you may take that will lead you toward more alignment. 

This very simple guide to greatness can be quite a challenge. But, once you acknowledge what is hidden in your heart, it's like discovering that you have held the key to the box all along. You allow the longings you've held deep in your heart to emerge into visibility, where they will begin to take shape in your physical world. 

Always remember that you are a powerful creator. You are here to make a difference, be seen and leave your mark! You are holding the key to your amazing life.  Life wants you to live in alignment to the greatest version of yourself where you can shine brightly and do influential things in world. 

It's time to remove the padlock from your heart and set forth the wild abandon of passion and purpose that is your life. 

Namaste evolving soul.