3 Things You Can Do to Feel Better NOW

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Yep, we all know it. The collective energy is THICK and HEAVY right now. We, lightworkers are fully aware of the ascension times we are all experiencing, but knowing that doesn't make it feel any better, does it? 

If any part of you is out of authentic alignment right now, you are going to fully feel it. That's the whole point! The Universal energies are turning up the dial (they really turned up that dial in August) and our discomfort level is peaked. What will it take for you to let go and make moves toward living a life that is more truly you?

I know, I know, you've been trying and now you're just freaking annoyed. You're willing to do whatever it takes, you're practically begging for answers at this point. (anything to make it stop, right?)

Long term, there are deep dives to take and action plans to create, but short term what can you do?

I've come up with my top 3 things you can do right now to feel better energetically.

#1. Become Fully Present

You can do this right now. (or right after you read this article) Stop what you're doing, stop thinking about all the changes and struggles you're going through, stop worrying about money or your kids or your job, stop looking past the everyday miracles, stop ignoring your internal messages. STOP. EVERYTHING.

What do you see with your eyes? What colors, shapes and sights do you see?

What do you hear with your ears? What kinds of noises, pitches, sounds can you distinguish? Can you hear your own breath? Your heartbeat?

What do you feel within your own body? Can you feel any holding? Can you feel your heart pumping blood through the vessels in your body? Can you feel Source energy flowing through your being? Take notice of what you feel.

Experiment with how long you be fully present in your surroundings. Practice doing this more often and for longer periods of time. You'd be surprised how practicing presence can immediately shift you into alignment with your true being.

#2 Stop Projecting into the Future

This one piggybacks off the first one. Projecting yourself into the future is the number one cause for anxiety. It is your body's way of signaling to you that you are out of alignment with the present moment. The ego is great at pointing out all the ways at which we will fail or never be able to reach our dreams. By being present in the moment, we are able to experience more downloads of ideas and inspirations just when we need them the most. 

It is not your job to figure out how things will happen for you. Allow yourself the freedom to dream your heart's desires and then allow Source energy to figure out the details of how. By being present, you create the space to allow in the seeds of ideas and inspiration that can be sowed by your uniqueness and creative touch. 

If you stop and pay attention, one stepping stone at a time will be given to you. As long as you allow yourself to dream, Spirit will know your intended destination and therefore which stepping stones to place before you. Remember, you are in CO-creation with Spirit.

#3 Break the Energy Brick

Sometimes the energy is so incredibly thick around you that you feel like a monster is living inside of you. A saint could be standing in front of you giving you guidance and you would come up with every reason why his guidance wouldn't work for you. You know you're being ridiculous, but you don't even care to stop it in this moment. 

Quick fix: Clap your hands together loudly for 15-20 seconds. Now shake them for 15-20 seconds more. Do 10 jumping jacks. Yes, seriously. Take 10 deep breaths and notice how you feel. This shifts the physical energy around you immediately. Now what you do in the next moments is up to you, but I suggest you make a decision to do something in alignment with the true you!

There you go, my top 3 ways you can feel better NOW, energetically.

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