5 Signs You're on the Brink of a Spiritual Awakening

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Do you sometimes feel like as hard as you try to hold onto the pieces of your life, everything just seems to be falling apart? Do you ever stop to examine your life and tell yourself, there’s got to be more than this? Before you allow yourself to sink into a deep depression, let me suggest to you the possibility that life just might be meticulously leading you toward your big awakening!

Sometimes in life, normally positive and spiritual people may be unwillingly thrust into what may seem an ultimate, rock bottom. The force of the impact may be so intense that they feel gut-wrenchingly torn apart, leaving them in scattered pieces of who they once were. They’re then given the choice to pick up the pieces and consciously put them back together in a more aligned way, ultimately serving the highest good of their authentic soul. Sometimes, passing through challenging times like this is what lands us on the doorstep of a massive spiritual awakening.

A few years ago, I experienced period of time I now call my dark night of the soul. It was a potent blend of challenge, heartbreak, loneliness and fear. It brought me to my knees and initiated a major life change and spiritual awakening. I’m still at this present time going through energetic upleveling and inner healing at what feels like a quantum rate and my life has powerfully shifted in reflection of that.

Although, the name may sound kind of scary, the dark night of the soul is actually a very important sacred passageway that leads a spiritual seeker to new and amazing heights in their journey. It may take some orienting and adjusting of the pieces of life to be able to live confidently at this new level, (hence the term ‘dark night of the soul,’) but it’s because they’re ready for this next level of growth that brings the seeker to this point in his or her journey.

Are you ready for a quantum leap in your spiritual journey?

Here are 5 Signs to help you recognize if you’re on the brink of a major spiritual awakening:

1. In the past, you’ve been super positive, always finding the light in any situation, but lately you’ve been downright negative, realizing that your life is not exactly what you’d hoped it would be.

People can experience this at different rates. Sometimes it’s a slow and gradual realization that the things you thought made you happy in life are no longer satisfying you, other times it’s like a rapid domino effect of your life seemingly falling apart all at once.

2. Your relationships are rocky, including romantic, family and friendships. You feel like you just want to ditch town and leave them all.

You are evolving and beginning to energetically vibrate at a higher level. Therefore, some relationships will no longer serve you and will just vibrate right out of your life! My advice to you is to let them. Sometimes as hard as you try, some relationships can’t be saved. If you let them go, you’ll be creating new space for more fulfilling relationships to take their place.

3. Freedom is calling your name and you’re thinking of quitting your job and doing something entirely different. You may even be considering becoming your own boss.

The evolved soul does not like to be confined and finds mundane, routine tasks energetically restricting. Your passions and life-long dreams will be urging you to fulfill them. Pay attention to them.

4. You feel stuck and desperate to get out of the funk you’re in. (We’re talking fall to your knees desperate here.)

The dark night of the soul brings you to your ultimate low. The whole point is to get you to pay attention and re-evaluate your life and the way you’ve been living it. You may feel like it’s too much to bare, but you can take solace in the knowing that you’re never given more than you can handle.

5. You feel like you’re here for a BIG purpose, but for the life of you, you can’t pinpoint what it is.

There comes a time in the spiritual seeker’s life where enough is enough when it comes to absorbing endless amounts of spiritual wisdom. It’s time to get out there and teach already! You were born with natural gifts that were meant to be shared with the world. You may not know exactly what you’re here to do, but you can bet that life is working it’s magic on you and it’ll all unfold in due time.

You are a powerful, spiritual being ready to breakthrough all previous barriers in order to move into a more authentic and aligned version of you. Are you ready to let go of the shore and allow yourself to drift into the unknown in order to reach the other side? Are you ready to sink into your dark and lonely cocoon in order to transform into a beautiful butterfly?

Then welcome to your awakening journey soul friend.

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