moon phase depression in lightworkers

Depression + the waning moon.png

Our moods can be affected by the phases of the moon and sometimes, if we pay close attention, we can notice patterns in our moods during certain phases of each cycle. 

For women, the complete moon cycle mirrors our own menstrual cycle and we can look to the moon as a reminder that we are cyclical, just like the moon and we may feel differently emotionally, mentally and physically during each phase. 

One thing that can stay constant however, is our spiritual connection. We can use the moon as a reminder that through all it's phases, it remains constant, gently guiding and supporting us through each of our own cycles and phases. When we pay attention, we begin to notice more and more how powerful and symbolic this gentle, guiding light can be. 

Many people will tend to be more energetic with the waxing moon, leading up to the full moon, when the energy peaks. Everyone from adults, to children and even animals are visibly affected by the strong energy of the full moon. It's a great time to be creative, channel energy from the etheric realm into the physical and to practice using your intuition.

When the moon begins to wane and slowly lose her light, it's time to tune in and be introspective, seeing clearly which parts of our lives are working and which parts still need some adjusting.

During the waning moon, (third quarter, to gibbous to dark) we can see how close we came to manifesting our intentions at the new moon and we can see what obstacles arose that are still blocking us from receiving. 

It's ok if you feel down, depleted and depressed. Really pay attention to those feelings you're having and the thoughts you tell yourself when you're feeling this way. 

Try to become the silent witness, separating yourself from the negative feelings and self-criticizing thoughts. The silent witness is your true self and is always untouched, perfect, whole & complete

Keep a journal (and use your FREE MOON JOURNAL!) and document whatever rises up for you and notice any patterns or underlying core belief systems that are holding you back from achieving your desires.

On the next new moon, you can now clear that limiting belief you've discovered by setting an intention to do so, working closely with each individual phase of the moon cycle.

Depression serves a purpose and it's never anything to be ashamed of. We're just being intuitive and feeling the gap between where we desire to be and where we currently are residing.