Seeing The Problem As The Portal

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A portal to your personal freedom lies hidden within your thoughts, emotions and physical symptoms. With practice, you can learn to focus your awareness, so instead of fearing what doesn’t feel good inside, you can begin to look to it with great curiosity. If you can accomplish this skill, you’ll have obtained the key to unlocking the door to your personal freedom.

Our backwards society has taught its people that emotional pains, uncomfortable feelings, and physical symptoms should be covered up immediately. How embarrassing it is to express an emotion that arises out of the blue, or God forbid, a MAN cry, and we sure enough better pop a pill as soon as our bodies start to ache.

Do we ever stop to think about what message our body is trying to tell us?

What belief or story is connected to that random emotion?

What thoughts we’re thinking that are causing our body to give us a warning signal?

Even further still, what omnipotent wisdom is guiding these signals and why?

Within the subtle energetic vibrations of our inner being, lies an innate powerful wisdom, perfectly programmed to heal us from anything and everything. It’s our divine birthright to heal and be whole, and anything other than that is unnatural.

To demonstrate this, I want you to think about the last time you got a scrape or a cut and started to bleed. What happened to that cut? Did your blood begin to clot and form a scab? Did that scab turn into a scar? Every cell and organ within your body is programmed like this to heal and repair.

Our bodies communicate to us like mysterious maps containing buried treasure inside. However, our bodies can’t talk, so instead they give us feelings, emotions and symptoms. If we learn to listen and decipher the codes used to communicate, we can heal and find the inner freedom we seek.

Of course, it’s hard to take responsibility for our own thoughts, feelings, emotions and symptoms. It’s much easier to fall victim to them instead, and this is what most of us tend to do, because this is what we were taught.

Next time you’re feeling extra emotional, I invite you to ask yourself why. Try to use your awareness to scan through your body to find any feelings of discomfort or resistance. See if you can begin a conversation with this silent, symbolic communicator. Observe where in your body you are feeling the resistance and try to describe how it feels. Is it a sinking feeling in your chest? Is it a tightness in your throat? Is it all encompassing throughout your entire body?

Be eager to get to know the parts of you that you’ve never taken notice to before. The more you pay attention to those parts, the more you will learn to understand and trust the information you receive.

There is an inner child who lives within you who is calling for your help. He/she is still wounded from past experiences and is trapped in time, waiting to heal and rejoin you in the present. It doesn’t have to take years of talk therapy and re-experiencing inner wounds in order to integrate these parts of you. There is a faster, better way.

It can take years of emotional abuses to finally manifest as physical symptoms. By then we have formed belief systems and emotional set points that usually contain harsh judgments of ourselves. Our ego minds become a sort of mental tape player that becomes the background basis for all of our life creations. If we go through life unhealed, they act as a magnet and attract relationships, events and occurrences that are detrimental to our wellbeing, but at the same time, these situations are the perfect catalyst for our deeper healing.

Every single moment in your life you have the opportunity to tune into your body and the different emotions and sensations that you feel, tunneling down your own portal of healing. If you have ignored these sensations for quite some time, they can turn into more chronic illnesses, which your body creates to capture your attention. You can then shift the dissonant energy to a vibration that is resonant to your natural state, which is pure God/Source energy and the ultimate-reality truth.

It is your divine birthright to be healthy, whole and complete. We all have the innate power to heal ourselves if we can step our of ego minds and learn to listen to the ways in which our bodies communicate with us.

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