Who is the Real You??

Do you ever wonder what happened to that happy, fun, carefree version of yourself you had a few years back? Before the hard times, before the loss, before the challenges, before you got knocked down? Who was that girl? Where is she now? Can you get her back??

I've certainly experienced these feelings myself after going through a difficult relationship and a harrowing divorce. I noticed I was becoming uncomfortable in my own skin, not really liking the person I saw in the reflection of the mirror. I was no longer waking up joyful in the mornings. Instead, I was waking up filled with the feeling of dread. I was afraid that the girl I once was, that happy, carefree lover-of-life, was gone forever.

When we go through challenging times, we can get tripped up by the ego mind which blames us, chastises us and causes us to feel resentful. By allowing the ego to carry on with its knock-you-down and keep-you-small tactics, we forget that we are infinite beings in a body, here to experience all aspects of a creative life. 

When we blame ourselves or blame others, what we are really doing is pushing the problem, (the pattern), away from us, causing us to stay trapped in the energy (the pattern). We do this instead of taking responsibility for the pattern and then it becomes impossible to break free and rise above it.

When we decide to take responsibility for our patterns and stop blaming others, we can energetically rise above the ego's mental tricks. We can choose to ask ourselves questions like: 

  • "What can I do to become more joyful in life?" instead of "Why does he always take the joy out of my life?"
  • "What would it take for me to release this pattern and move forward in my life?" instead of "Why does this pattern keep happening to me?"
  • "What steps can I take in order to re-align with the authentic me?" instead of "Why don't I ever feel happy anymore?"

By practicing empowering questions like these, you can slowly begin to take your power back and rise above the negativity of the ego mind. The Universe will always reflect back to you how you are feeling inside, so if you ask it why you're not happy anymore, it will show you why you are not happy.

If you pay attention after asking your empowering questions, you will receive signs and intuitive guidance that will lead you back to your authentic life. Align to these signs and guidance instead of aligning to that which does not serve you or uplift you.

Once I really began to practice this in my life, things began to open up immediately. I shifted my focus from blaming others and myself to taking responsibility of my patterns. I asked the Universe how I could make things better. I looked for signs and guidance and I acted upon the information that I received. I began to take the high road more and to release the need to always be right. I became more aware of limiting beliefs I had such as; "Life is hard," "If they find out who I really am, they won't like me," and "I'm not good enough."

As I learned to re-claim my power, I noticed my old self starting to show up again! I began to laugh more, joke around more and smile more. One of my favorite things to do is perform by signing and dancing, so when I felt myself doing this again around more and more people, I knew the old Dena was coming back!

And OMG does it feel GOOD!

So, if you are stuck in an uncomfortable place and doubting the goodness of yourself, I assure you this is NOT the real you. Think of a time when you were happy, carefree, laughing and full of joy. How did you act? What kinds of things did you do or say? How did you treat people? How did you treat yourself? Take a deep breath and take this memory in. THIS is the real, authentic you. She is not gone. She is still there, waiting to come back out to play. She loves you and she wants you to re-connect with her.  

What would it take for you to begin the journey of re-discovering her?