The Eye of The Needle

What lies on the other side of your fear?

I invite you to consider the possibility that the life of your dreams lies there.

For so long, I stayed stuck within the limiting mental constructs of fear. My fear gave me every excuse to stay in a place that didn't make me truly happy. I was scared to make a change, scared of the unknown, scared I didn't have the skills, knowledge or money to take the proper actions, scared that if I tried, I would fall flat on my face, alone and unsupported by the Universe. So, stuck I stayed. Not to mention unfulfilled...and unhappy.

Actually, the whole role of fear or ego, is to keep you the same and prevent you from growing and changing. Ego loves to keep you boxed into your safe little comfort zone, where you'll never be challenged to try something new or step out of that box. This keeps the ego alive but it also keeps everything...the same. Sameness, is the antithesis of spiritual growth.

Are you looking to spread your wings and grow into the unlimited being that in actuality you already are? Wouldn't you love to be able to visualize whatever you wanted for yourself and then be able to step into that vision, making it your reality?

You can do this, but first you're going to have to loosen the ego's tight grip on your life. You're going to have to strengthen some new spiritual muscles and learn to make change your new normal. 

Taking those first few steps is the hardest part of breaking the cycle of complacency. You'll brush up against denial, excuses, resistance and self-sabotage. It's so much easier to give up, throw in the towel and fall into victim mode. ("I'll never be able to make this happen because of x,y,z..." )

With awareness of what tricks the ego mind can play on you, you can properly prepare to make your change. You're going to have to expect that things may have to get worse before they can get better. When any of the denial, excuses, resistance or self-sabotage arise, you can recognize them for what they are and even have a conversation with them. ("Oh yeah, this is me making an excuse when things are getting difficult, but I'm not going to let it stop me this time...")

Do everything you can to prepare to go through the eye of the needle. Build up your strength and your support system by eating healthy foods, exercising and enlisting in the help of friends and family. Tell them what you plan on doing and ask them that they assist in holding you accountable. If you don't have anyone to help you with this, write yourself letters of encouragement that you can re-read when you are feeling low.

With more and more people in this world suffering from depression, we should keep in mind that our feelings and emotions are our body's form of communication with us. Instead of suppressing these feelings or looking to substances, TV or other distractions to numb us of our pain, we can learn to honor the feelings we have. Allow your feelings to guide you to make the proper changes that will lead you to your amazing life.

After years of resistance to change myself, I finally gave up the fight. Although it wasn't easy, I can certainly say that the Universe didn't allow me to fall flat on my face. I had to take that first step into the unknown however, while being unable to see my final destination. With each step I took, another stepping stone was placed before me, until finally, I found solid ground in my new manifested reality.

Isn't it time to stop letting fear hold you hostage? Are you willing to stay living complacently and staying stuck in the same old patterns? 

Your soul longs to be set free. Don't let those dreams and visions you have for yourself be mental castles in the sand. It's time to gather up your courage and make the changes you are being guided toward once and for all. 

It's time to pass through YOUR eye of the needle and finally experience what's on the other side of your fear. 

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Who is the Real You??

Do you ever wonder what happened to that happy, fun, carefree version of yourself you had a few years back? Before the hard times, before the loss, before the challenges, before you got knocked down? Who was that girl? Where is she now? Can you get her back??

I've certainly experienced these feelings myself after going through a difficult relationship and a harrowing divorce. I noticed I was becoming uncomfortable in my own skin, not really liking the person I saw in the reflection of the mirror. I was no longer waking up joyful in the mornings. Instead, I was waking up filled with the feeling of dread. I was afraid that the girl I once was, that happy, carefree lover-of-life, was gone forever.

When we go through challenging times, we can get tripped up by the ego mind which blames us, chastises us and causes us to feel resentful. By allowing the ego to carry on with its knock-you-down and keep-you-small tactics, we forget that we are infinite beings in a body, here to experience all aspects of a creative life. 

When we blame ourselves or blame others, what we are really doing is pushing the problem, (the pattern), away from us, causing us to stay trapped in the energy (the pattern). We do this instead of taking responsibility for the pattern and then it becomes impossible to break free and rise above it.

When we decide to take responsibility for our patterns and stop blaming others, we can energetically rise above the ego's mental tricks. We can choose to ask ourselves questions like: 

  • "What can I do to become more joyful in life?" instead of "Why does he always take the joy out of my life?"
  • "What would it take for me to release this pattern and move forward in my life?" instead of "Why does this pattern keep happening to me?"
  • "What steps can I take in order to re-align with the authentic me?" instead of "Why don't I ever feel happy anymore?"

By practicing empowering questions like these, you can slowly begin to take your power back and rise above the negativity of the ego mind. The Universe will always reflect back to you how you are feeling inside, so if you ask it why you're not happy anymore, it will show you why you are not happy.

If you pay attention after asking your empowering questions, you will receive signs and intuitive guidance that will lead you back to your authentic life. Align to these signs and guidance instead of aligning to that which does not serve you or uplift you.

Once I really began to practice this in my life, things began to open up immediately. I shifted my focus from blaming others and myself to taking responsibility of my patterns. I asked the Universe how I could make things better. I looked for signs and guidance and I acted upon the information that I received. I began to take the high road more and to release the need to always be right. I became more aware of limiting beliefs I had such as; "Life is hard," "If they find out who I really am, they won't like me," and "I'm not good enough."

As I learned to re-claim my power, I noticed my old self starting to show up again! I began to laugh more, joke around more and smile more. One of my favorite things to do is perform by signing and dancing, so when I felt myself doing this again around more and more people, I knew the old Dena was coming back!

And OMG does it feel GOOD!

So, if you are stuck in an uncomfortable place and doubting the goodness of yourself, I assure you this is NOT the real you. Think of a time when you were happy, carefree, laughing and full of joy. How did you act? What kinds of things did you do or say? How did you treat people? How did you treat yourself? Take a deep breath and take this memory in. THIS is the real, authentic you. She is not gone. She is still there, waiting to come back out to play. She loves you and she wants you to re-connect with her.  

What would it take for you to begin the journey of re-discovering her?





Navigating the Dark Night of The Soul

If I had known years ago that I was experiencing was what I now know as the dark night of the soul, maybe it would have been easier to accept the divine unfolding and omniscient wisdom of the process. All I knew back then was my life seemed to be falling apart no matter how hard I tried to fight to hold it together.

Rewind back to about 2010. On the outside, things seemed okay to the casual observer. I was married with two beautiful children; one girl and one boy. I had a decent career that I had set aside in order to do the stay-at-home-mom thing for the kids' early years. 

I adored my family and was quite content for a short time, but slowly, over the course of a couple of years, I began to notice a change. I felt an inner discomfort growing inside me, slowly expanding, trying to get my attention. It was trying to get me to see that something was missing from my life but I didn’t want to see it. I kept pushing it down while smiling big for everyone around me.

What I didn't know was, I was beginning to awaken from my foggy 3rd dimensional slumber. As the clarity in my life increased, the realization that I was NOT in alignment of my TRUTH increased as well.

I had been a spiritual girl all of my life, studying spirituality for fun, always seeking and searching for the next spiritual truth to bring me to my next level.

The funny thing about this however, is that while we lightworkers tend to be drawn to spiritual growth and enlightenment, we often don't realize that in order to break through the glass ceiling of spirituality and enter into the 5th dimensional realm of light and love, we have to face our own egoic demons along the way. 

This process involves finally facing the darkness we have for years, decades, lifetimes even, suppressed down into the depths of our suffering souls. During the dark night of the soul, the ego begins to collapse in on itself, as it cannot survive in the new fifth dimension, where only love and light reside.

This exact thing was beginning to happen to me. As uncomfortable feelings that I had suppressed inside me for years began to rise to the surface, fear began to hold me hostage. I was afraid that if I stopped to examine this SCARY THING I was feeling, it would wreak havoc on my life. I could sense it was BIG.

Soon, I was no longer able to suppress my inner angst and it set off like a bomb in my life. It literally felt like pieces of me just exploded everywhere and I had to pick them up and put myself back together again.

I lost friends, I almost lost my marriage, and I was forced to make one of the hardest decisions of my life during that time. I moved away from it all, started a new job and had many a dark and lonely night.

 I didn't know what was happening to me at the time, but looking back, I see it was all part of a perfect, divine plan to shift me into greater alignment with my TRUTH.

On the outside, my life looked as if it was falling apart, cracking into tiny pieces that I could no longer hold onto. But when I tuned in, I noticed a feeling of strength, faith and trust in the process that was expanding and guiding me forward.

I have been through the dark night of the soul and if you're feeling this way right now, I want to encourage you to keep taking steps forward. Tune into that feeling deep inside of you, that intuitive compass directing you to surrender and trust. 

If you are feeling uncomfortable right now, be thankful. Why? Because life is showing you contrast. Recognize that you are uncomfortable because where you are right now is NOT reflective of your new, evolved inner state. Now it is time for a shift into greater alignment with the truth of your being.

It may be a challenging process to align to this new you, but deep inside, you know this is what you want. Your higher self, your spirit guides, your angels know your deepest desires and if you allow them, they will guide you in getting there.

You must have FAITH + TRUST + SURRENDER to the process.

Once the dust finally settles and the darkness begins to fade, you will find yourself standing in your brilliant bright, authentically aligned light. 

You will have journeyed through the dark night of the soul and come out on the other side, inspiring those behind you with your own courageous tale. 

What Does it Really Mean to be a Lightworker?

What Does it Really Mean to be a Lightworker?

So, you've determined that you resonate with most, if not all of the qualities of a lightworker. Hopefully, you're starting to get past the denial and disbelief stage at this point. Even if you're not 'out there' doing something with your lightworker abilities, it just rings in your heart as TRUTH. 

Do you really have to be 'out there' shining your light in order to be honorably classified as a lightworker? Do you feel you have to prove to someone or something that you are worthy of this role? What exactly is a lightworker anyway? Are there different types?

I have been asked these questions many times, so I will gladly answer them again here.

Lightworkers are very old souls who have previously reached certain levels of enlightenment in other planes of existence. Now, with the Age of Aquarius dawning, and the world being in such transformational chaos, these lightworker souls have volunteered to incarnate here on Earth to help transform darkness into light. 

There is also said to be reasons of galactical karma, which cause the lightworkers to want to re-experience life here in order to neutralize this karma.

Just by being here on this Earthly plane, lightworkers have done a great deed. They have had to restrict and condense down their vibration in order to exist here in the third dimension of physicality. In doing this, they have suffered much trauma and a sort of amnesia that they are slowly starting to awaken from now.

Although lightworkers have been incarnating here for hundreds of years, there are bigger waves of them coming in now. We are at a crucial point of evolution as humanity is on the brink of a massive spiritual awakening and ascension.

Some lightworkers have missions here that include healing others, being spiritual leaders or being great change makers.

Others have more 'behind-the-scenes' roles, such as energy transformers, frequency anchors or in working to transform their own shadow.

To be a lightworker you don't have to be some kind of super hero who comes to the rescue of every person in need around you. You're not required to have an active healing practice or a thriving spiritual business. You could, but it's not a requirement.

Many lightworkers are hiding out at home tucked away from the chaos of the external world, where they can find their place of peace and solitude. 

Even while in the comfort and safety of their own homes, they often experience the symptoms of ascension which cause them to feel fatigued, achy and emotionally forlorn.

Being the empaths and ultra-sensitives they are, these frontrunner volunteers are the first to feel the new higher vibrational energy streams that pour in from new open portals and astrological alignments, putting pressure on their bodies to transform to new harmonics.

So, who are the lightworkers? We are the ones who are either out on the front lines, being models of love, light and new paradigm, or we are the ones who are silently behind-the-scenes absorbing, buffering and anchoring transformational downloads of ascending  love and light currents for humanity to behold. We may also be a mixture of these two.

There is no need to prove your worthiness of this role. Just by being here lightworker, you have done massive work. You will know when it is time to make a move and serve humanity in a new way. You will feel the gentle guidance or you will feel the shove, depending on how crucial it is for you to make your move at the time.

If you are feeling the need for support from other like minded souls on the same path as you, I have created The Lightworker League, where lightworkers on a mission to serve humanity gather.

I invite you to come check it out and receive the support, skills and sisterhood you deserve.

Thanks for being here lightworkers! A rising tide lifts all boats. Together, we will rise!

It's Time to Fly. {Your Healing Journey}

It's Time to Fly. {Your Healing Journey}

I was born into this world a wounded soul. 

The origins of the wounds go back lifetimes I assume, because I have no clear recollection of which to pinpoint.

Intuitively, I know that one of the reasons I came here to this Earth plane is to heal and be healed. This cognition has been constantly reaffirmed to me throughout the duration of my lifetime. 

As a little girl, I barely spoke, except to those I was closest to. Not only was I intimidated by every person I encountered, but I had intense social anxiety which held me fearfully hostage. 

Ask me my opinion? I would answer "I don't know." I was disconnected from my emotions, opinions and even my own power.