Listen up, beautiful soul.

It’s time for a sit down.

I know how much you want to follow your heart and pursue your passion, but something keeps blocking you from taking courageous action.

You have big dreams and an amazing purpose to fulfill, but time keeps passing by and you still haven’t made much progress.

You see others following their hearts, quitting their jobs and living their passion, and you secretly wonder why life isn’t opening it’s arms like that for you.

Life is hard, and at times you’ve had it rough, but when it comes to helping others, you’ve never given up.

You’re a lightworker, an empath, a natural teacher of wisdom.

And yet, you’re stuck in your own spiritual growth.

You always start out pumped for action, but over time you end up back in the same, old place, repeating the same, old patterns.

Your past seems to haunt you, and those negative voices tell you, you can’t, you’re not good enough and you never will.

You’ve journaled and affirmed the positive until you’re blue in the face, but it feels like you’re lying to yourself and in actuality, you’re just meant to be a failure.

Lately, the pressure’s been intense, and you know you can’t live like this much longer.

You just wish you had some guidance and support, so you could make these changes stick once and for all.

Lightworker, you’ve denied your truth and dragged your feet long enough.

The only way to get to the other side of the shore is to take the leap.