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Hey spiritual seeker!

ready to find your soul purpose?

You just can't shake the feeling can you?

You're here for a great purpose.

Deep down, you know you're here to fulfill a calling and you feel you just might EXPODE if you don't figure it out soon.

I know this feeling too well........this was me just a few short years ago.

I felt lost on my journey, struggling to figure out my true purpose and path, while at the same time feeling an immense pressure to be of service to the world. 

The feeling totally consumed me, causing so much anxiety and angst. I felt desperate to find the answers I was seeking, so I could make the horrible discomfort go away.

Is this you too???

Fast forward to NOW.

Here I am, after doing MUCH healing work, aligned to my purpose and passion, living an amazing life of freedom and fulfillment, offering my gifts and services to YOU and the world.

Doing this work brings me SO much joy and fulfillment as I absolutely LOVE teaching others how to find and create lives full of purpose & passion. Witnessing my clients' transformational journey is incredibly rewarding and it feels great knowing I had a part in it.

You can do this too!!!

Are you ready to receive the guidance and support you need so you can stop searching, find the answers and finally do what you came here to do?

If so, read on!


Unleash Your Purpose & Passion

An 8 week course


This is a 1:1 coaching program to help you finally figure out why you're here and map out the steps to living your soul purpose.

During the 8 weeks, you'll learn how to identify & bust down the blocks that are preventing you from your breakthrough, so you can finally move forward and live the life you're meant to live!

With me as your guide and support, you will be taken through a series of lessons, clearings, and healings that will propel you forward on your journey.

You'll go from feeling overwhelmed, lost and totally stuck to feeling in-the-flow and ready to move your lightworker mission forward into the world!


Unleash Your Purpose & Passion 8 week course

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This course is for you if:

  • You're feeling completely lost on your path right now, wondering what the heck you're supposed to be doing with this life.
  • You know you are being called to step forward and be of service to the world in some way, but you're just not sure how exactly.
  • You know you're here to help spread light and heal others.
  • You know you have spiritual gifts to share, even if they may be a little dusty...
  • You've been searching and getting  discouraged because you just haven't been able to find out what your calling is.
  • You'd LOVE to get out of the funk you're in and realize your true potential, living as the best YOU you can be!
  • You feel that something is blocking your breakthrough and you're practically desperate for help in moving past this.
  • You're ready to finally figure out the steps to finding and fulfilling your purpose & passion.

What you'll get: 

This course includes:

  • (8) 50 minute coaching sessions, scheduled at least a week apart
  • session notes after each call, helping you to map out your next steps for the week
  • email access to Dena throughout the 8 weeks
  • downloadable PDFs and MP4s pertaining to advancing your soul's journey 
  • meet with other like-minded lightworkers each month
  • the relief and satisfaction of finally knowing and following your soul's purpose & passion!
  • Plus a bonus Ascension Acceleration session when you sign up TBA


Imagine the freedom...




  • You have found your flow and no longer feel stuck and stagnant

  • You feel confident and ready to move your lightworker mission forward into the world

  • You’ve identified and transmuted the exact blocks that have held you back for years

  •  You’ve created a massive amount of new space to allow in your heart’s desires

  • You see your intentions manifesting quickly and effortlessly

  • You basking in the glory of divine self-love and spiritual purpose in your life

  • You waking up every morning feeling grateful for your life and for what you are creating

  •  You enjoying peace, joy and reverence for your new aligned and authentic life



What would it mean to you to have these things?

Unleash Your Purpose & Passion 8 week course

Your Investment: 

The cost of this coaching course is $1200 US, which may be broken down into 2 monthly payments of $600 US.

Now accepting applications 

Course begins TBA

Limited spots available to ensure you receive high level 1:1 coaching

Grab your seat NOW

Application deadline: TBA